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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The other end of Vera

Remember that post I wrote about Vera's Vagina.  It was in my 'top ten' list for ages but has now slipped out.  My Sunday Raves and all those, Winter Wednesday posts are more popular.

However, Vera is still getting regular hits and is often located with a Google search.  It is fun to see, the words people use for their search.  I do so wish I could be a fly on the wall, when they find out Vera is a chook.

Vera has been reproaching me, ever since that first post.   So today I gave in, and we did a photo shoot down by the creek.  Here are the head shots for her portfolio. (She is thinking of a legitimate career in modeling.  I hope her shady past as a porn star doesn't prevent her from achieving her goal)  I am sure you will agree, she is one gorgeous chick!


While on the subject of chickens.  Jenny (Barred Leghorn) has gone broody and I have let her keep nine eggs.  They are a mixture from all the girls.  Rocky the rooster has been observed fulfilling his contract...many times a day, with any chook silly enough to turn her back on him.  So we may be lucky and have some little cross-breeds running about soon.
Jenny was the hen that I bandaged, after she was almost carried away by the fox.

Broody hormones must be powerful...Jenny is usually flighty
and I can never get near her.
Now she just gives me the evil-eye...but doesn't budge from her nest.

The araucanas, now four and half weeks old,  have been living in the chook tractor for a couple of days, because the weather has warmed up. They needed to be 'put to bed', for the first two nights.  When I checked with a torch after dark, they were not in the nest box but huddled in a pitiful, peeping heap on the ground.  Last night they found their way up the stairway to dreamland all by themselves. Awww, my babies are growing up!

P.S.  I did a post over at Hazel's Greenhouse, about the cucumbers.  The greenhouse seems to be making a difference, even in only a few days.


  1. Vera's choice of make-up is a bit brash!

  2. Yes...I am always a bit shocked at what people type into their google search. Some of my top posts are about the things in this world that seem to be meth and nudity:) I laugh and also hope that they've learned something in the process:)

  3. Hey Mark, 'red wine' highlights are in this season, didn't ya know!

    Our chickens have been spending most days outside, but still coming back in to the brooder at night... they don't seem to understand or like the nesting/ roosting area of their chicken house? I think we will have to put some treats up there to entice them & get them used to it... kale or spinach finely cut up is their favourite (sooks!)

  4. Now Hazel - have you really thought this post through?? Personally if you had posted photos of my rudie bits on the internet I'd not be wanting you to match my face to them!

    Poor Vera :D

  5. Thank goodness, Vera's dignity has been restored. ... Oh hang on ... it might be like Ali said.

  6. EEEK!!! I *love* your chook posts. Especially the pics of broody Jenny and the Aracauna sillies LOL.

    I have three silkies who are très amusing who keep me company in my tiny garden.

    Love your blog but especially your chook antics :)

  7. CUTE! I want a rooster!
    Have your little LA's got their moustachios yet? Mine do and its HILARIOUS!

  8. Thank you all, for your comments.

    Phoebe, they are just beginning to develop the pompadour hairdo on top, but no mutton chops yet. Mine are a bit younger than yours (4.5 weeks at present).

    I notice that I have lost a follower today...probably because of two risque posts in a row. Oh well. I was going to write, 'I hope I haven't offended anyone' - but people do have the choice to read, follow, not follow, comment...whatever.


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