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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh! The pain, the unbearable pain!

Do you know how hard it has been,
all through the winter and into spring, 
to look at the photos of
your vegetable gardens?

Do you have any idea how agonizing, 
those images on your blogs, 
of baskets stuffed with home grown veggies, have been?

Can you even conceive, 
how my mouth has ached as it watered, 
reading your recipes?

...while the only thing I have had, 
in my vegetable garden 
has been goats?

Ah! But check out this spinach and ricotta filo pie I made yesterday.  
It was stuffed full of spinach and silver beet out of the garden...
and mint, parsley and chives.

And that's not all.
Tonight, The Cook made linguine with broad beans and bacon
...using the first of our broad beans.



  1. YAY! Looks fantastic! Broadies and bacon sound like a fabulous combo!
    I'm working up a Greek recipe broad bean special, but Just waiting for my yiayia to email me!!!

    Im glad you finally have yummy things to harvest. This year was slow for me too but gosh, you certainly stuck it out well!

  2. Same Same! Last night I was so excited with the first broad bean pick. I resolved to make risotto using said luscious beans, field mushrooms from Killiecrankie Farm and Mt Gnomon chorizo. I used some of our home made stock from the freezer and had the bright idea to "poach" the field mushrooms in the stock while it was added spoonful at a time to the risotto. Craig came home from work and said "Well it looks like c?@p but it tastes fantastic" Alas the "poached mushroom pieces" = muddy stock. It looked like grey porridge with bits of dirt and droppings camouflaging the sweet little broad beans. Oh did taste good though and I have left overs for lunch that I am very much looking forward to.

  3. Oh Hazel - please please please post the recipe for your ricotta filo pie? I have ricotta in the fridge, silverbeet and spinach overtaking the yard, and mint and parsley and chives!

    Please? It looks so good.

  4. Yes, finally.

    I just saw my broad beans setting pods a fortnight or so .. thus I probably have another week before broad beany goodness but the silverbeet is filling a hole for the while, and that's without goats.

    Kind Regards

  5. I've been feeling your pain. And the other night I cooked spinach and ricotta pie, with the same fresh herbs plus dill - no not me (although some would argue) the herb!

  6. Ali, I just used the recipe on the side of the filo pastry box. (And I was sloppy with the amounts)

    But I am so useless with filo..I get impatient and try to unfold it before it is properly defrosted and it breaks. So I gently scrunched some of the bits, sprayed them with oil, added a few more scrunched bits, sprayed it with oil..and so on...then I sprinkled it with parmesan...the 'dirt' on top is ground pepper.

    It was delicious...having another bit for lunch today.

  7. Aw gawd, I thought you were going to say it was goat pie!!!

    Broad beans... mmmmmm...

  8. Wow that pie looks great. You may be envious of our vegies but I covet all your lovely blooms.

  9. Sounds like a beautiful harvest dinner. We're eating broad beans every night this week. The kids like them small and raw so I just chuck them in a pile on the table, they have fun shelling them.

  10. I'm a little annoyed with myself right now. I didn't plant broad beans this year :(

  11. OK Hazel, it's your turn to gloat now. But I was thinking of publishing some recipes for Goat Curry, Goat stew, Goat sauteed with Broad Beans, etc. Is that OK by you?


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