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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Look what I've got!

I know it isn't,
Fat Fruit Friday,
but I have to share my exciting news!

Look what came on the back of a truck last week.

The adventure is getting underway!


  1. So Hazel -- what are you going to do today?


    On ya girl!!!

  2. Looks like it is all happening at your place. Can't wait to see it up and being used.

  3. That looks so wonderful!!! I must confess that I have been wanting one of those myself!

  4. I want one of them so badly! I am so jealous, can you see me turning green with envy? Can't wait to see all the great things you grow. Cheers Kathryn from Bendigo

  5. Well, my ignorance I thought I would pave the floor with some pavers I have. But I think I am going to go with gravel, or weedmat and some mulch I already have. I can always change it later. But I have heard that greenhouses are a living, breathing entity and that a hard floor isn't as good. What does your mum have in hers?

    I am going to use one of the stands Daniel bought on one side and try growing in the ground on the other. What do you think?

  6. Ah Hazel I ran out of time to let you know before my holiday but... we visited the Melbourne Show and just after my monkeys had fairy floss and a very sticky ice creams we visited your greenhouse. And... I encouraged them to put their sticky little fingers all over it. And ... I have photos to prove it!
    Enjoy it looked great. Enormous too.

  7. Fabulous, cant wait to see it all installed, go with the gravel, weed mat under it would be a good idea...
    Egg and Bacon, I remember this at my nana's house, not for breakfast but in her it Linaria?

  8. You lucky girl! May you enjoy many happy hours in it, and lots of bountiful harvests.

  9. Ok, here it goes: My grandfather who grew orchids had 3 hot houses one of which is now my mums. The tropical house had stepping pavers over an earth floor and the floor was covered in moss and maiden fern and a huge drum of water that kept up the humidity.

    The sub tropical house had a concrete paver and scoria floor (the pavers were between the benches and scoria underneath for drainage).

    The Cool 'Hot House' for native orchids and cymbidiums had a mix of blue stone rubble and scoria.

    The reason he used scoria was because of all the air holes which retain moisture and maintain a constant level of humidity. It is also good as a drainage material.

    He also raised his hot houses one sleeper high to have a good depth for drainage and used weed matting between the ground and the stone paving surface.
    Mum now has the Cool Hot house for her native orchids and tomatoes and she just has scoria...

    I hope this is useful!

  10. How exciting! A lovely new greenhouse, all ready constructed and all clean and fresh :) A great start to Spring!

  11. Looks fantastic Hazel, can't wait to follow your adventures with your new green house! I think Phoebes suggestion of using scoria on the greenhouse floor is the way to go however, if you let the girls in you probably will need to use mulch. HDW

  12. you are going to love having your GH..I have gone with gravel with plastic underneath(but i have couche grass and its evil)you won't regret having one side to grow in..a nice raised bed would be nice on your back,,make room for a chair,you will want to sit in there ALOT,you can almost see everything growing overnight LOL..what do you think will be the 1st thing you grow in there will be?

  13. Wow, you've had some exciting year in terms of development to your site. That greenhouse looks amazing. You must be close to be totally self sustained by now. Kelli

  14. OOOOOH! Hazel - I'm so happy for you on the one hand and so jealous on the other :) Send more photos so I can enjoy vicariously - and look out for those goats! PS - I agree about putting a chair in there. Bliss!
    Greenie x

  15. Finally, a greenhouse!! No wonder you're excited :)

    I remember a few months ago you mentioned that you were having 'greenhouse envy' when you saw our post of us dismantling a second hand greenhouse. Glad to see you finally have one now :)

    Imagine the possibilities...


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