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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help wanted!

You know how it is.
Everyone has an opinion on how things SHOULD be done.
Heckle was henpecking me about how well I was going
at cementing in the greenhouse legs yesterday.

Bubba, was certain she could do a better job 
of backing in the truck than Daniel, last week.

Bazza was an instant expert on knots...when it was not needed.

But sometimes you need a bit of help.

I certainly do.

I have never gardened in a greenhouse before.
Nobody I know, in real life, has a greenhouse.
I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.
I don't even know what to put on the floor!
Phoebe had some good information about this yesterday.
And Mrs Mac said she has scoria in her polytunnel.
Which veggies will really benefit from it?
What mix is best in the pots and containers?

Do not be shy.
Don't hang back.
Tell me everything I need to know!


  1. I have no more idea than you do but I'm sure there is lots of useful information about to come your way. Good luck!

  2. I was wondering about the dynamic view. So there is no way to have it AND the side bar with gadgets etc? Seems a bit half handed doesn't it.

  3. the best advice i can give you is decided what it is you want to achieve, once you know this then you can make decisions. My hot house if a dirt floor and I planted straight into it. It worked fine until it poured rain last year. And it got really boggy. so now I am deciding if I want or need to but raised garden beds in it. If you are only going to grow seedlings go for a solid floor and shelves. if you want to grown crops in it then maybe you too can build raised garden beds. I think I will do two one on either side and do a solid path down the middle. there i put in more than two cents in. lol

  4. I'd either go for a floor that drains well like ravel or scoria and use shelves at waist level or I'd go for beds in the floor to maximise space plus the shelves and some hanging baskets for some herbs,early tomatoes etc.Go for what is frost tender or needs protection from heavy weather or sun.Maybe lettuces,peppers,okra or whatever in your area is vulnerable or you want early.Good luck!

  5. Okay, starting with the floor - I covered mine with a weed mat and I was going to put mulch on top. But I was lazy and didn't get around to it and I'm glad I didn't. The flat weed mat is easy to sweep and water spilled isn't a problem either.
    I have halved water tanks as my raised beds and from the upper beams I have hung twine so that climbing plants can climb up the twine and be supported.
    Down the other length of the grow house I have a garden bed and that enabled me to grow sweetcorn (which still reached the roof) and a rambling squash.
    I left a couple of my tomato plants in a tank over winter and after giving them quite a harsh haircut they already have flowers on them - as does last years capsicum. This is in far south Tassie where the climate might be similar to yours.
    I'm still learning as this will be my first full summer with a grow house. So far I have grown tomatoes, chillies, lemongrass, beans, peas, broccoli, silver beet, squash, snow peas, sugar snap peas, sweet corn, lettuce, eggplants (flowers only - no fruit) and three tiny rock melons (I ran out of summer last year). But it has all been experimental and not always that successful. But it has been lovely going inside when it's really cold outside and just pottering.

  6. I have a few bubba lookalikes]
    lovely blog x

  7. Looks like you got some great responses. Love how everyone was curious about the new project. Very cute. You're going to have a great time with your new toy. It's very exciting.

  8. i guess it depends on what you want to say bananas for example then you will want a nice big pot that needs to have good nutrient dense soil(manure) what other dwarf subtropicals do you want maybe some pineapples or ginger? each of those pots will be specific soils for those plants...but if your just after a large bed for vege growing just some good organic soil with maybe some water saving gel stuff(you know what I mean hey?) cause greenhouses dry out quickly always leave a big bucket of water in there for humidity for your subtropicals..hanging pots of strawberries come on so fast in the GH..and maybe some pretty pots of flowers..

  9. My Mum always uses large self watering tubs for her tomatoes. 50 litre tubs work really well for her... otherwise everything is raised off the ground (except tall tomats) and in plastic self watering pots.

  10. Sorry Hazel, no advice or ideas whats so ever... BUT, I will be checking in on what everyone else has to say! Could learn something here!! Good Luck, you will have lots of fun with your new Green house!

  11. thank you..your advice is being duly noted. More, more, more. Please.

  12. I predominantly use my greenhouse to extend the growing season - because without heating it gets down to 0 in winter - but does remain frost free.

    SO I opted for tables / shelves and I grow things in pots. I've had some success growing ginger and galangal in pots, and I also keep strawberries and a few herbs going long into winter.

    Ours has no earth floor (the place where it was flat enough to put one didn't have any usable soil) so everything is in pots. I think as someone else said it depends on what you want to achieve really

    here's some info about mine

  13. We have gravel under the benches and a concrete path down the centre. The gravel is on top of geo fabric and helps with drainage from the watering. We've grown tomatoes, eggplants and other veges in large pots, do all propagating there and currently have one side dedicated to hydroponics with plenty room under the tubes for stuff in pots and boxes.

  14. Ooo do you think if I stood in it I'd grow too? What does your man (greenhouse man that is!) advise?? I would have no idea what would work, but in my idea of a greenhouse I'd put mulch on the floor. That way you would never have to sweep it :)

    I can't wait to see the delicacies this greenhouse produces!

  15. Our greenhouse at work has gravel on the floor and metal racks for benches. We don't grow veg in there, but use it to store some dryland plants which hate the cold and wet over winter.
    If I had my own greenhouse I'd try to grow tomatoes over winter in it, just for starters! Maybe ginger and tumeric too.

  16. BTW love the Billy Buttons photo today, aren't they super cute?!


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