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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm embarrassed!

I know, you never thought 
you would hear me say that.
But I am!
Every time I look out of a window
or go out into the garden,
I am not only embarrassed but, 


I want you to take a deep breath,
gird your loins
and examine the evidence.
If you are easily shocked
perhaps you had better not proceed.

This is the brazenly sexual display
I must endure on a daily basis.

All these loose women flaunting themselves, 
trying to outdo each other.
Sluttishly luring innocent bees, 
unsuspecting birds, 
fumbling moths, 
naive flies 
and goodness knows what else, 
to be corrupted by their garish colour, 
intoxicating perfume, 
and irresistible nectar.

Quite frankly, if I had known the neighbours
were into orgies, I would never have
moved here.

I am concerned the crab apple trees 
are on the verge of joining in!

I am going to write to someone and complain.
Oh, hang on, I am writing,
I am complaining....

So what are YOU going to do 
to rectify this disgusting situation?


  1. Dear Ms Dene,

    I could write to Mr Rev Nile in NSW, he's very much against such blatant displays even though he's been known to have a squiz.

    Shocked Rose

  2. If you can't beat them join them.... Get dirty, roll and frolic amongst them.

  3. Thanks Hazel...I look forward to following your exploits as well! :)

  4. Oh the shame! I think you'd better start wearing a big red letter just for being around those vivacious, flirtacious beauties... a letter S for Spring!?!

  5. what a frolicing lot you have in your garden what do you put in the water

  6. Stand by for a Baby Boom ;) It just looks gorgeous!

  7. Ah let them have their fun, they did manage to behave all Winter didn't they?

  8. Just enjoy it baby, lol!

    Gorgeous photos, can't wait for spring here (and we've got a looong way still!) :)

  9. Gorgeous! I wish this were going on outside my window! lol

  10. We northerners (hemisphere) have the exact opposite. I would say more like the 'old married couple' view out of our windows. Boney old bald trees and the bees packed it up and moved on. Yep, no passion up here now.

  11. Maybe I'm going straight to hell but I have to admit - I'd watch the display and enjoy it.

  12. Im going to suggest that you just sit back and enjoy the show!!

  13. I need a bit more of that action in my garden.

  14. First there was Vera's bits on display now we have plant porn.....whats going on at your place Hazel!

    Gorgeous photos and a view I'd love to romp around in all day :)

  15. Spring brings out the romance in all of us doesn't it? Your garden is certainly flaunting it, and here we all are gawking over the fence. No privacy at all!

  16. Beautiful..I'd like to see more when you have time to sneak around with your camera. Maa

  17. Always love stopping by your blog :]

  18. Ha! I'll never be able to look at my garden in the same way again...
    With so much beauty amongst them, why wouldn't they flaunt themselves. You should be very proud! :)


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