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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Blogger

Today, I would like to introduce you to a guest blogger.  
His name is Rohan and he is seven.  
Here is what he has to say about Granny Camp.

At granny camp, there was heaps and heaps of sewing. There were at least 10 games of Mastermind, and a few games of Scrabble and Upwords and more. 

We were walking down the creek with the two goats until Bazza and Bubba saw another white goat and we ended up with an extra goat. So we were walking past some steps and then I walked down halfway until Grandma said to come up and the extra goat went all the way down, so we went walking and hoped that we lost it, but he found his way back to us.  Grandma, Nicholas, the goats and me went the short cut, while Gemma, Auntie Heather, Auntie Vera, Ashley and Sarah went the long way, and Grandma, Nicholas, and me went down to the goats house and we put the goat in his front yard and got down to two goats. We met the others halfway down the street and went home.   

I was at home after the walk and I lit the fire this is how to light a fire: 
Step 1. You will need six pages of newspaper (not glossy paper) and scrunch it up singley and put it in the fire. 
Step 2. You will need skinny short slices of wood and criss-cross it on the newspaper. 
Step 3.  You need matches and you always strike the match away from this.

Step 4. When you have lit the match you need to put the flames on the edge of the newspaper and you are done. 

I wish you could come to Granny Camp too.  
It is so fun.


  1. Yes, I sure wish I could come to Granny Camp, too! Sounds like real fun! :)

  2. What a wonderful post, Rohan. You are so lucky to have such a special Granny. Would you like to have your own blog one day?

    from Sue in Western Australia

  3. Hi Rohan! I really enjoyed your post.
    It sounds like Granny Camp is a lot of fun.
    It was fun to read about the extra goat - he (or she) was a bit cheeky :D)
    Thanks for the fire lighting instructions too. Is that your job while staying at Grandmas?

  4. I wish I was a Granny and could have all this fun! Great post, thanks for the instructions on firelighting.

  5. Hi Rohan. Wouldn't it be great if all kids could have a Granny Camp like you do? Thanks for telling us about your adventures.

  6. I'm glad Rohan was there to take care of the fire you would have all froze otherwise

  7. What a lovely time you have had at Granny Camp, Rohan. It sounds like you have a really special granny.

  8. Great post Rohan! And a great tip about striking matched away from you :)
    Granny Camp sounds fun, but I am too far away to think about coming, although I would love to!

  9. Rohan I really enjoyed your blogging of our granny camp. I too had a wonderful time and was privileged to spend the time with you all. HDW

  10. Hi Rohan, You sure are a fun guest blogger. I liked your story about the third goat, what a fun goat to come along for the walk!

  11. Glad you to know you had a fun time Rohan :) Welcome!

  12. Great blogging Rohan, I'm a granny so I think I'd fit right in there at Granny Camp.

  13. Granny camp looks and sounds amazing!! Kelli

  14. Great writing Rohan! You sound like a real fire expert! I bet granny was really happy that you're so good at lighting the fire!

  15. Great post Rohan the granny camp looks fun.


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