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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day two at Granny Camp

At  Granny Camp there was sleeping to be done...
sort of.. the morning there were rampant goats in the shubbery.

We also had Masterminds ...


necklace makers...

and authors.

The Grannies revisited the childhood chores of washing up 
... although this time in a pleasant communal way 
without the old arguments about 
whose turn it was to dry up,
complaints about the speed of the washer upperer, 
badly washed plates being tossed back into the water
and excuses (like the sudden need to go to the toilet) being made to escape.

We walked along the creek...

...and had sex education lessons.

Communal bathing was the norm.

One seven year old became quite adept at setting and lighting the fire each night.

We collected eggs, wrangled goats,
cuddled, told stories, laughed, talked, 
danced,  sang, played the keyboard, 
made chocolate balls, tossed pizza dough, sewed and sewed and sewed....

and made wonderful memories!

We can't wait 
until next time!


  1. LOL!! Granny camp sounds like a lot of fun. I miss my Granny camps from youth. Now when I visit my Granny, it's with a strong bloody Mary....tasty!

  2. Please can I sneak in next time until I can have my own camp?

  3. looks like you all had lots of fun, even if you didnt get much sleep.

  4. If this is what goes on when your a Granny, Bring It On!

  5. Are there such things as Grandpa camps as well? (Actually, mine would be a bit under-subscribed at present since I only currently have one grand-child! Maybe one day...


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