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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Citrus grove

Last week, I accidentally paid an exorbitant price for a 
grafted dwarf kaffir lime.
I was shopping for tahitian limes at the nursery 
and had decided I wanted a dwarf one to go in a large pot.
I found the dwarf tahitian limes, 
then moved them all about
looking for the best specimen,
and of course, I didn't recheck the label
until I had repotted it.

But I am not unhappy.
A kaffir lime is a lovely addition
to the kitchen garden...and a dwarf one is perfect in a pot.

I bought a proper a Tahitian Lime on Wednesday...
more cheaply at my local nursery than
the other suburban one.

So in this picture...there is a navel orange,
a mandarine, a meyer lemon
and now a lime.
I think that could just about 
be called a grove of citrus.

i have been out this morning looking, looking, looking
at the path and walking various routes.
I think I have made a decision to move the path
dramatically now and make it curve more and
proceed through the citrus trees....mmm...
The Citrus Walk
is conceived....maybe.


  1. Citrus Walk...sounds so posh. Your path is going to be wonderful where ever you decide to put it.

  2. Maybe...who was it said a garden is never finished?

  3. Your citrus walk sounds great. Definitely a grove. And I treasure my kaffir lime! Use it all the time, both leaves and knobbly fruit!

  4. Or maybe the Pip Path?

    Our Tahitian Lime fruits magnificently and our (also accidentally bought) Kaffir Lime is pretty good.

  5. Eat your heart out, Capability Brown!


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