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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The staff of life

Look at the little treasure I found at the op-shop on Yesterday.

A bread bin.
It would be even nicer in tin
but I am happy with vintage plastic.

It looks good on the bench in the ODK
and will be a practical way to serve bread
free from flies when entertaining.

I love it when 
things come together.


  1. Mum had a bread bin exactly like that when I was a kid! :O

  2. I have a bright red metal one and I just love it, despite the odd spot of rust.

  3. I've got a cream tin one. Sadly not vintage but a replica. A loaf of bread doesn't hang around long enough to make it to the bread bin so I put my favourite vintage china that I use most often in it.

  4. can see that kitchen rapidly getting a big tummy, love a retro container.

  5. My friends had one of these when I was a kid and I was always jealous, hehe.......I liked the lift/roll up lid.

    We used an old metal milk can with lid, certainly different and no doubt worth quite a bit now.........

    Claire :}


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