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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A peek at the ODK

I always imagine it will take less time
than it actually does
to do stuff.

Like the Outdoor Kitchen (ODK)
I have spent all my spare time out there
and it is still far from finished.

But I know a couple of you are keen to see it.
So I 'styled' it a little and took some photos.

It looks a bit like a still life art piece.

The bench and finishing touches needed 
and the pergola at the front needs completion.

 Tomorrow is the last chance 
to join in Winter Wednesday.

Write a post about what you 
have enjoyed about winter and
link it to my post.  

Pop by and leave a comment 
on my post and I will 
put a link up to your blog.

Everyone is welcome...
especially those who have not played before.


  1. wow you are very inspiring.its looks great

  2. Wow I'm impressed! I love all the old bits and pieces. Move over Renovators here comes Hazel!

  3. You know exactly how I feel about you ODK...I bloody love it...and I will be very green when it is all done, and rustic, and musty, and woody and peely paintey and rusty nailey....and everything...I just love it....

  4. Looking great mumma Hazel! What your first meal in it going to be?

  5. Looks great Hazel. The window is a great idea and the decorating pieces fit right in! Can't wait until it's finished. One of those triangle (come and get it) thingamegigs would look good hanging up too!

  6. Luv your OK Hazel - the window looks like a BIL painting.
    Your header photo looks absolutely beautiful, who else could make used wrapping paper and ribbon look like a work of art!

  7. You must be like me Hazel, always under estimating. The good thing about under estimating is you don't get put off doing it by knowing how long it will actually take. It is going to be a wonderful place to heighten the cooking experience.

  8. It coming along wonderfully, it reminds me of the kitchens you see in a little miners cottage in Sovereign hill ,I love it.

  9. It's really coming along! I like the styling touches but I love the wood more.

  10. looking good, not long to go now!

  11. Hazel, the outdoor kitchen is looking fab! Your 'styling' and photos look super. So exciting!

  12. Oh that is coming along nicely...You have me inspired, but hubby didn't seem too impressed when I suggested an out door kitchen...probably because it means more work for him and my list is getting longer!

    Cant wait to see it finished...

  13. Progressing very nicely. With the fine and warmer weather now, it will be much more pleasant to work on it.

  14. Hazel, being practical for a minute, could you tell us please what arrangements you have made for water-supply in the ODK? And what energy is to be used for cooking?

  15. Well, to be truthful Mark it isn't really a kitchen to prepare food in. There are too many flies to do much of that here. It is more of a servery...for outdoor meals.

    I will be connecting the sink to the water supply and will use the it to wash my vegetables. I will keep a knife out there to chop the tops off etc.

    The barbeque is in the cupboard in the ODK and I will be building a cob pizza oven...that will take care of cooking.

    I am planning on using the shelves below the bench to store pumpkins and I will hang my garlic plaits out there too.

    It is really a visual focus for the outdoor living area off the lounge. We can see it from the lounge and it already looks good and will look even better when the surrounds are landscaped and the grape vine is growing over the pergola. Best of all we can still gaze up at the ridge over the top of it.

    In addition, it creates a barrier between us and the neighbours, adding to our privacy.

  16. Oh, and in the future I may add a wood fired stove...then we can use that to make jam in the summer instead of heating up the house.


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