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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mother love?

Yes, I know she is poisonous
In fact her bite can even kill
children and the elderly.

But if she did bite you, 
do not bandage the wound,
apply ice, take painkillers
and seek medical attention.
There is an effective antivenene.

But she is really very shy
and will not hunt you down.

After her photo shoot,
where she posed quietly
with her egg sacs,
I put this one back where
I found her under my sister's shed.

I think she is beautiful
and she gets to have her man
and to eat him too.


  1. Yes Suzanne, I was looking at the web on your chair and wondering...but it was a bit light for this little lady. LOL

  2. Every creature has a place in this world, and a spiders place is outside.

    I must say I have a fear of these (there is a lot of redbacks here). I picked up a pot the other day in the garden and nearly put my hand on a mumma redback! I was very good and didn't squash her :) Sounds like a good plan with her man though.

    Lovely post Hazel...

  3. Thats it Im coming back as one!

  4. Nope I don't like them! It's nearly time for me to have a look under my outdoor chairs again. I know there are always a few nesting there. Which is way too close to my bottom for comfort. Their cobwebs are easy to spot because they are really messy. Apparently no-one in Australia has died from one of these in 50 years since they developed anti venom. They'll make you sick but they won't even give you anti venom now if you show up with a bite - unless you're old or a baby. But I still don't like them.

  5. Red backs look like they have come from a Tim Burton film. I too am happy for them to do their thing... We have lots where we are too. Lots of nice dry hang outs for them!

  6. There's something to be said for living in England after all: we don't have any venomous spiders. And only one type of venomous snake (which is also very rare)!

  7. I love all spiders and snakes, just as well living where I do! Von

  8. My colleague got bitten. At work! Was in his shoe. He ended up in hospital!

  9. She is a gorgeous girl isn't she. We have had loads of spiders around this year, I generally just leave them to do their thing, unless they're in the kids rooms. It's moths I hate!

  10. I'm not keen, a few close encounters including finding one under the lip of a pot I just carried has given me the hairies. They are pretty shy though, mum once fished one out of our gumboots with her bare hands and it still didn't bite her. The fact that there are some suggestions they are not native to Australia makes me feel less inclined to be kind to them.

  11. I have heard (from here in California) that half the animals, fish, and plants in Australia are poisonous. Maybe that's something you tell us to keep us away? Actually we have a couple of poisonous things too, mainly black widow spiders and rattlesnakes. Black widows are courteous and shy, I never kill them, just remember where they are. Mostly the only insects I dislike are the annoying ones like flies and fleas that reproduce in massive numbers.

  12. Creeps me out...Sorry I don't like spiders. If they wore 'hob nail boots' and I could hear them coming it might be a different story.
    Jan Blawat- we have so many venomous and poisonous animals here, we just seem to accept it now. I had a brown snake in my roof not long ago. Not a nice feeling though! Maa


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