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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working to rule

The girls in the chicken tractor haven't gone on strike exactly
but they have signaled their dissatisfaction
with the current working conditions and 
are steadfastly working to rule. 

So, yes, an egg was produced
as per their agreed job description.

It is the one in the middle.

I am now waiting for a log of ambit claims
to be produced.
It may have to go to arbitration.

The employment of  
scab layers
may become necessary!


  1. That's what you get when all you pay is chicken feed!


  2. Maybe it was Flo coming to visit your girls, that egg looks remarkably like the ones she has been producing lately! Nice flower....

  3. Oh my goodness, the memories of all those years of being a union rep are flooding back to me. Tell the girls I happy to rep for them.

  4. Maybe you need to offer an incentive? Or perhaps Performance-Related Remuneration?

  5. What about an annual review on their "Key Performance Indicators?"


  6. The boys have a book called "Click, Clack, Moo", in which the cows and chickens go on strike until the farmer gives in to their demands of electric blankets.

    Perhaps you need to open a dialogue with the chickens?

  7. Well, Ali, that isn't so outlandish an idea. All the mammals in this house (except for the goats) have electric blankes. I would like you to keep the idea to yourself, however, I don't want the chickens hearing.

  8. wish mine would get on the lay again too and one girl has about 20 eggs shes is trying to hatch

  9. Ha! Deb beat me to it!
    Your hens have as much personality as you!

  10. Well, you know, Winter vacation and all.


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