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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Starting over

Bubba is fine this morning.  The wound on her tail 
has closed and although a little swollen, it looks fine.

I was home alone yesterday 
when the dog attack happened.
I came inside and blogged about it...
your comments and phone calls 
made me feel so much better.
Thank you.

About the veggie garden...

I was initially upset about the goats decimating the veggie patch.
But hey....
I'm so glad to be me and not a farmer 
relying on the crop to support my family
 or living in a country where 
the loss of a few vegetables could spell starvation.

It has prompted me to think about Spring plantings
and I have sorted out my seeds.

Now I am going to spend the afternoon in front of the fire 
with a notepad and the Digger's Heirloom Veggie book.
You do remember the one I won in Ali's competition? 
It came with a wonderful poster that tells when to plant.

 The Eden seed catalogue also came in the mail today...
must be a sign...chuckle.

So I am off to conjure up a Summer Vegetable Paradise.


  1. You look like you have more seeds than me! I have 107 varieties of produce, but this year, am not going gang-ho with planting a wide range, but trying to stick with things that grow well, eat well, store well & preserve well!

  2. Im glad that you are feeling better about it all today...and that the wound is not too bad...I would have been really frightened if that had happened with no one to I think you must have been brave and calm to go about tending the goats and making sure they were for the veg, well, I think we all have times when we just pull out stuff that didnt 'work' and maybe it would have made better goat food....still its disapointing...but enjoy planning your garden and we will all be here ready to share your plans with you....x

  3. Good for you - I was doing the same last night. That new ice salty ice herb or whatever it's called in the Digger's catalogue looks intersting.

  4. I have been sorting mine out too. We must all be thinking the same thing. Must be a sign.

  5. Well if the Eden Seeds catalog arrived then it is a sign. How about a glass of red as well. Then a little snooze ...

  6. I was sorry to read about the dog attack, but it's good to hear you're still looking forwards.
    Hope you enjoyed your planning day. Mo

  7. Now I know why the Italian farmers along the Maribynong planted Prickly Pear plants along their fence lines! Are there any prickly veggies in the catalogues!

  8. Ooo how excitement! I love a good seed catalogue, and Eden seeds are fabulously exciting. This summer I am going to concentrate on corn and watermelon, not sure what else. It's not that easy to grow here in summertime, you really have to pick and choose your hot sun stayers.

  9. Is it that time of the year already..looks like you will be busy.


  10. Wow, that dog attack yesterday must have been really scary. Glad to hear no serious injury. Your seeds looks fab, always a nice way to spend some time. Kelli

  11. Good Luck with the planning Hazel. I already made a note what seeds we are ordering from Eden seeds. Don't forget to check you seeds expiry dates ;-). although they are long expired you can still sow them. So many seeds you have there.

  12. Yes, it's definitely a sign.
    Happy planting.

  13. Hi Hazel,
    My first visit to your blog and its amazing...
    I love vegetables and gardens too, am a Veggie...
    Have a good time with them, hope to see your garden in full bloom!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  14. You're sounding pretty positive today, Hazel. The dog attack incident must have been a bit traumatic for you, but hopefully life will be settling down into its normal routine again now.
    The browsing of seed catalogues is a pastime that we all enjoy, isn't it? Building all those "Castles in the air" for next year!

  15. only yesterday was I wondering to myself "what will all the garden bloggers be sowing this spring/summer season?


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