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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goat Karma?

I heard the rooster's alarm call and 
went out to see what all the fuss was about.
There were two dogs...
an alaskan Malamut or maybe a Husky...
whatever it was it was BIG,
and a pomeranian at the back of the chicken shed.

I thought they were trying to dig into the chickens and
hurled a shoe at them and chased them off.

The little dog yapped and ran off but 
the arrogant malamut/husky just strolled away
and looked at me from a short distance.

But when I looked, poor Bubba was cowering bloodied
behind the coop.

Back of her head

She has a tear under her tail.

A thorough inspection didn't find any life threatening wounds.  So 
I have just washed everything and put both goats in the shed to calm down.

Maybe this is goat karma for the vegetable attack yesterday.

Bazza was untouched but has blood on a horn and his ear.
I am sort of hoping it is dog blood!

Like the bloodied water in the bowl,
I am seeing red.

However, there is nothing to do...the goats were
outside the property on public land and the
back gate was open.

I dread to think what damage the dogs would have
been able to inflict if the goats had been tethered.


  1. Hazel, I am sure those dogs were the ones that should have been on a lead...Malamutes can be really vicious, its strange they werent with someone....Talk about needing a 'pet' first aid kit at your house...I hope you can all settle down this afternoon........

  2. You certainly have been going through a rough time recently, for various reasons. It's fortunate that you are evidently a resolute and capable person! Hope Bubba's wounds heal quickly.

  3. I was only joking about the roast goat. I would be ringing the council and reporting the dogs. They are not allowed to roam free.

  4. Oh Hazel, you poor thing. We had a similar thing happen when a strange dog turned up at our farm and attacked our dog... I had to chase it off with a stick and the wounds around our dog's neck were very similiar. It was quite frightening.
    Even though your goats were on public land, all dogs should be contained or on a leash...for their own safety and for the safety of others.
    I would keep an eye out from now on, now that the dogs know where your goats are they will be back.
    Keep the phone number of the local pound handy also just in case the dogs are on your land.
    Hugs to your goats .

  5. This makes me so angry Hazel, I cannot stand irresponsible dog owners. I have had a dog attack my chickens three times now, and on this last attack it killed my poor little silkie, Edna. I am so gutted I won't even post about it. I have called the council on each occasion - I know where the dog lives, and I have photos of it in my backyard.

    Until I actually see the dog with my chicken in its mouth, there is nothing they can do.

    But what about my children who play in their backyard? What about your grandchildren. We have a dog and he doesn't get out. Not ever.

    I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope your poor little goats are not too traumatised. Call the council anyway and get this on record.

    So cranky for you. Sorry for the rant :)

    Oh and get a little pellet gun :D

  6. Take a step back, and don't forget to breathe.

  7. So sorry to hear this...I reckon someone was got the better of by the look of that horn.

  8. How awful and frightening. Hugs Hazel.

  9. OG!! How infuriating!! Poor Bubba..thank goodness you heard the distress call from the rooster (I've heard that when attacked, goats stay silent..).

    Our neighbour has a husky pup and one day it was over here grabbing our white ducks in it's mouth and racing around the property swinging them two and fro--very distressing. Bl**dy dogs!!

    I do hope Bubba is ok and that they both aren't too shaken up. Our ranger said if an attack happens again to take possesion of the dog and call it in..there are huge penalties for letting dogs roam at large.

  10. Poor Bubba, hope she recovers quickly and has had a nice rest in the shed.

  11. I hope Bubba is feeling safe again with you, & that your feeling better again the anger that you must have been feeling is passing.

  12. How awful! Glad the goats have you watching out for them. Now about those dogs....

  13. Sorry to hear about this. I do agree with everyone. Those dogs should have been with someone. Not roaming free.

  14. Oh my goodness... I hope the goats recover OK, and yourself.

  15. So lucky you were home but sad indeed, your vet skills are really coming along with all this practice.

  16. It's not right but there are lots of dogs out there wandering and attacking...
    I wonder if you can be sued by the dog owner if your goat has hurt his dog? You know, like people get sued when the robber is hurt.
    I hope the goat recovers OK.

    Be careful too as sometimes attacking dogs will go the person trying to shoo them away.


  17. Stray dogs infuriate me! *grrg* It's not hard to be a responsible dog owner: If you can't be bothered, you shouldn't be allowed the privilege.
    I'm glad to hear that the goats are okay: Hoping those nasty dogs don't return!

  18. Oh Hazel, I've only just read this, how bloody awful. There isn't much more to say except cyber hugs: thinking of you.

  19. Poor Bubba! Not even illegal vegetable munching deserves that as punishment!

  20. I know this sounds extreme, but dogs like that are not tolerated in the rural area where I live. Of course, accidents can happen and one of our dogs could end up loose. A loose dog will be graciously returned to its owner. (I've found dogs in my yard that came from 10 miles away.) A loose dog that kills or maims anything is promptly shot. Knowing that, people keep close tabs on their dogs. Out here the most popular breeds are Queenies and Kelpies (thank you, Australia). They tend to stay close to home. The worst wanderers are Labradors, though they don't usually kill things, they're just out following their noses. Hope the goats are recovering.


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