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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why so shy?

These little irises have been blooming 
for over a month now, but look how shy they are.  
Most flowers lift themselves up and away 
from their foliage and seem to want attention...
but these ones are coy!


  1. I love it when the King Parrots come to visit. The iris's are lovely.

  2. I love Iris and have quite a few on my farm. Nice pics.

  3. Hazel, these are called Siberian Irises...I have them too, flowering only once a year, with strappy foliage? And yes, they are shy, you have to really peek into the foliage to see them...very pretty though..

  4. Hazel, if you were intent upon taking close up photos of my face and plastering it all across your blog - I'd be hiding my face too! Although your beautiful little irises (I like to say "iri") certainly take a better close up than I do :D


  5. Someone should tell the King Parrot that his camouflage doesn't work in the Japanese maple in winter!

  6. She is really shy but a beautiful gem.

  7. My hairdresser is called Iris and she is anything but shy. She's not QUITE as good looking as your iris.

  8. Shy or not, they look beautiful. Maybe the long foliage is intended to protect the flowers?

  9. Those King Parrots are so friendly aren't they.
    the irises are such a pretty shade of blue.

  10. You've got to love any flowers that bloom in Winter. Maybe they snuggle in from the cold.

  11. Sweeeeet! I'd love to have some irises that will grow in part shade - maybe these would be okay in the shade since they like to hide so much?


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