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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Third Sunday Mystery

It is a mystery to me as to why 
you would name a wing
of a prominent Melbourne hospital, 
the Aikenhead Wing.

I know, it was probably because the Aikenheads made a big donation...but
it makes me chuckle, 
every time I see it.


  1. Took me a second but I got there, not bad for Sunday morning!

  2. Is it the neurological unit?? LOL

    Oh, my aiken-head!

  3. (Not that neurological issues are a laughing matter, of course).

  4. Aching head indeed! Hazel are you and loved ones ok? Living in the beautiful country, making a trip in to hospital...? Hope all's well x

  5. I remember once seeing in Hong Kong, a factory called the "Fook Hing Fine Shoe Co. Ltd"...

  6. Chuckle. You have many pretty blooms in winter hazel. Wish we have some colours here too.

  7. Chuckle, I nearly split me britches

  8. Google "naming of the Aikenhead Wing"
    and have a look at the first entry a pdf file (keeping in touch) and all will be revealed.
    In 1816, when Mary Aikenhead made her first vows in
    Ireland and the Sisters of Charity were born, I’m sure she
    couldn’t have imagined that nearly two hundred years
    people would be gathering on the other side of the world
    to celebrate and honour the incredible contribution that her
    followers would make to the work of the Church in farflung


  9. Thanks Ramsey! i will still chuckle as i walkby but i will also think of young Mary Aikenhead.

  10. Oh dear, a very unfortunate name to accompany a touching tale.

    So often people in the medical profession sport names that just seem SO inappropriate..


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