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Monday, June 20, 2011

Man about the house

 ...well maybe the title should be, 'rooster about the coop'.

Some of you guessed, correctly, the Sunday Mystery was a rooster...
I think I must be extremely predictable...
maybe I am losing my touch!

He is a barred Plymouth Rock.

He is a little lighter than Brewster was, but has all the moves.
He immediately identified the top hen 
He assumed a dominant posture and so did she...
but once he moved in, she ducked conceding
his position.

With that matter out of the way,
he claimed the highest roost for himself 
making it quite clear he wasn't willing to share.

Today he has been making all the right noises
and showing the girls the best morsels.

Love his 5 o'clock shaddow!

He is definitely Rock Star material.
The young things are all over him like a rash.  

"Oooo! Let me straighten that feather for you."  
"No! I want to do it."
"Let me tidy your wattles."
"Oh, you are soooo handsome."

Not sure what to call him.
Any suggestions?


  1. Oh, he is just gorgeous, so right, he is a rock star... so his name must be Elvis!! But after watchign a Frank Sinatra movie on Saturday (Pal Joey) I'd say the girls are flocking to your new fella like the gals were flocking to Frank... so call him Sinatra!!

  2. Maybe Rocco, although that name means 'rest' and Im sure he aint gonna get much of that with all those girls flocking around him....
    He is quite lovely isnt he, unusual feathers...he will make lovely babies...

  3. Nice looking fellow you got there!
    Just look at those girls fussing over him. I'm with Dixebelle, he's real Elvis, The King! :)

  4. Rocky or perhaps Grimpil.

  5. Great header photo - hard to believe that this area was badly affected by the 2009 bushfires. HDW

  6. Sailor. As in Hullo Sailor.

  7. Top Gun.

    He's beautiful!

    Love the photo header today, just gorgeous, here it just gets freezing cold without any snow to make it interesting.

  8. He is a handsome fella, I am sure you will find the perfect name for him.

  9. I vote for "Barry" (BARRed Plymouth Rock...), which sounds like a good rocker's name, though "Freddie" might also be good - as in Freddie Mercury.

  10. My first thought was Elvis, like others, then I saw Barry ....... look out Vera.

  11. Baryy - a perfect name. Could make for some very interesting posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Valintino would suit a hansome fella like him

  13. I like Barry too!

    He is georgeous!

  14. Barry is not an option. We already have Bazza the goat..named after a brother in law whose name is Barry.

  15. I'm terrible at names so I'm gonna sit quietly in the corner, but had to say- he's gorgeous.

  16. Gosh he is gorgeous! Love how the hens are all over him :) So sweet that he shows the girls the best bits of food. A real gentlemanly rooster. I like Fiona's suggestion of Valentino too! Or Clementine. He looks like a friend of mine - a perfectly dapper fellow called Clem.

  17. how about Rooster Cogburn? or, could name him after Spencer Tracy, who was also a redhead. :)

  18. He is a bit of a hunk isn't he. Love those two photos with the girls clustered around him.
    I'd like to suggest Herb. Not because it's a particularly glamorous name, but because all our roosters have been called Herb. Herb as in Herbert not the green variety.

  19. Elvis, Strider, Plucky, Zeb (short for zebra), Mr Tails, Greyscale, Cookies N Cream, Cocky Rocky, George (Clooney), and Leonard (for absolutely no reason).

  20. Well...Ginger, you are nothing if not prolific when it comes to the name game.

    I am going with Pilgrim Rocky...Plymouth Rock, you know where the pilgrims landed in the U.S....Rock star...Rock Hudson...can't go past Rocky really. So officially Pilgrim Rocky...but Rocky to his friends and hopefully Cocky Rocky to his girls. Thanks for the help everyone.


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