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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scary post...not for the faint hearted

When I went down into the woods today
and this is what I found

Enormous carrot trees!

When heirloom vegetables go bad!

Luckily I was able to slay them 
before they took over the world

For the non-metrics

So does size matter?


  1. Hubs says yes, I say its more what you do with your oversized carrot that matters. :)

  2. Gah, why am I anon. Should say...
    :) Caitlyn Nicholas at the bottom

  3. It might matter in this case, they may be bitter and woody...but you could always cook the bejeebers out of them and make stock or soup.

  4. wow those are some huge carrots, but I think if you roasted them they would be lovely and tasty and tender. I love the different colors

  5. Now that's what I call a carrot!Tons of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting please.

  6. Oh my goodness, what do you feed those things?!!

    Hope you found a good use for them...


  7. Carrot soup. With cream. And black pepper.

  8. unless of course those intruders are of the bunny variety...

  9. Oh my! Maybe you could make a giant carrot cake!

  10. Wowzas!! Enormous carrots!! I hope they're good eats!

  11. not for the faint of heart hhmm just as well I have my big girl undies on then hey ... So Hazel the carrot slayer what shall your cook dare to maketh thee with these?

  12. Yowsers, glad you were able to slay them before they took over the rest of the world. We can all sleep peacefully tonight, hehehe....

    What a variety and great colours. So the ones that weren't humungous and you ate, were they tastier than the 'run of the mill' everyday carrot?

    We grow heirloom tomatoes, very tasty indeed.

    Frosty up this way too. Although I'm just waiting for the temp. to drop sufficiently for the misty rain to turn to snow, then it's grab the camera and get some beautiful pics, fingers crossed......

    Claire :}

  13. That's a clever way of taking photos of the big carrots, a play on scale!

  14. "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Supercarrot!"

  15. Is that SHREK favourite Carrot! Monstrous which my boys will like to eat that carrot.How long does it take to grow like that?

  16. There is a German artist called Uli Westphal, who makes a lot of artwork using 'mutant vegetables' - those vegetables we aren't used to seeing 'cause the don't sell well in big commercial shops.

    excellent carrots Hazel.

  17. Hazel, did you use some of that magic fertiliser stuff that you once wrote about? If so, it seems to be very effective!
    I'll be interested to hear whether they taste(d) as good as the normal shape/size ones.

  18. Ha! Thanks for the non-metric measurement!!

  19. Fourteen inches around? Surely I'm reading it wrong...That's some friggin' carrot!

    I'm really liking your blog.



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