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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun guys in the valley

I have been compiling this post for a while,
hoping for the flush of mushrooms we had last year.  
But alas, there have been no mushrooms...
although there may be yet.

Anyway, here are the photos
 of some of the fun guys 
in the Valley of One Thousand Hills.
Mick - Proprietor of the General Store - maker of my Friday lattes at the op--shop.
Ross - The School Principal and general good guy
Rhys - The chippie
Pete - The environmentalist and bush poet 
and the only person in the world who
I would allow to call me, 'Lass'.

Aye!  It's a great place to live!


  1. Your valley really is a beautiful place to live, Hazel.

    Gorgeous photography, as usual :D

  2. You look like you are surrounded by lots of fun guys at the moment..I am wishing that I had some of those fabulous red and white fairy mushrooms here in my backyard...those photos are beautiful.

  3. What a fabulous collection of fun guy species you've discovered ;-)

  4. Do you have room in the chook shed for me?

  5. Wow what amazing looking toadies (the fungus not the fellas). I love those first three photos! I just wikipediad toadstool to check if I was right in calling them a toadstool and look what came up...
    Same pic. Same mushie I think - poisonous though.

  6. Ooo it's FUNNY! Too too funny! At the first guy, I thought to myself, "what's he doing there?", but then I got it!!! OOooooooo!

    I can't believe I called my fungi post "Mushrooms Part 1, 2 and 3"!

    Fun Guys! Oh I am still rolling around on the floor with that one.


  7. Haha! Great Post! Actually, I just bought a birthday card for a mate with 2 knitted mushrooms on it and the words "You're a fun guy!"
    Waddya mean NHE??

  8. Haaaaa - I didn't have my specs on and I thought Pete was the other sort of fun gi. Don't tell him though.

  9. such a fun post. look forward to seeing more of your blog!!

  10. Ok, that is the best post I've seen all year on blogger! So original! Really enjoyed it!

  11. When I was young I read a series of books called The Fun Guys - about little fungi characters! I'm so going to have to take a pic to show you...

    Your valley is beautiful. So are your photos.

  12. Ooh, I really enjoyed seeing your Fun-Guys! Thanks for sharing. I was thinking we might get some more appearances in a few days with the recent rain but it may just be too cold for them... :(


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