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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hazel Dene's birthday.

The Cook is away so I had to make my own cake.
It doesn't taste as good as hers.

This little blog started, 
one year ago today, 
as a way to document the garden and my efforts to live more sustainably....but it has become so much more.

It has motivated me, encouraged me and provided rhythm to my days, entertained me, taught me things and sharpened my observation skills, provided an outlet for my creativity, moved me, made me laugh and linked me with an online community of wonderful people with whom to correspond. 

It is like having 126 pen pals to write to every day,
and I know there are more who are not on the official list.

Recently I have had several days with well over 200 page hits and 3360 in total for March.
In the twelve months of writing there have been over 18,000 visits.

What I find truly amazing is 
the global nature of blogging.
People from 70 different countries have dropped in here....some of them on a regular basis.
Click on the little map in the sidebar to see where the readers are...I don't even know where some of those counties are.

So thank you for visiting and reading and commenting and encouraging me.
Please keep dropping by.
My days would just not be the same without you.

PS: I was thinking about running a competition or offering a give-away like so many bloggers do on their blogaversaries...but you all know that Ali would win, so there didn't seem to be any point.

PPS: By the way Ali, The Cook wants to know when you are coming to pick up your is beginning to smell.


  1. Happy Blogversary! (You just know that word is going to make it into a dictionary soon!)

    It's been wonderful popping by your great blog and reading all about your life down there by the creek. Always entertaining and informative, so keep it up!

  2. Congratulations on the blog. A huge happy birthday. I love hearing about your adventures. Don't stop writing I need my daily dose. (I love the photo of you too.)xx

  3. You are so right Hazel...I do believe blogging has done more for me than my readers will ever know..being at home all day with a little one, it has been my link to like minded people and at times the outside world...Happy Blog Birthday...x Suzanne...

  4. Congratulations Hazel. I really enjoy your blog. For some reason I thought you'd been going longer than a year. Looking forward to reading you during your next year.

  5. Congrats. You have a wonderful blog and you have so much fun doing the chores. Love reading your blog. I am glad you get lots out of it too.

  6. Happy bloggerversary! I love reading your blog, Hazel, the pics of your ever changing garden and the Cooks AMAZING foodie offerings.

  7. Well done Hazel. You have a happy blog and there is always something going on. That's why we're here. Good photography, witty commentary and interesting subjects (I love the goats actually - so glad that you have them and not us!). Ali - the pressure is on, you'd better pick up your pav.

  8. Happy blogbirthday Hazel, love your fun attitude to everything. Your photography is amazing and if you drew that cake then you are also a very talented artist. Keep it coming.xx

  9. I agree as well. Blogging has given me a whole new outlet to learn things from and I love it when someone leaves me a comment so I try to leave as many as I can myself for my favorite blogs.


    I love your blog and this world of blogging (I'm still pretty new to it) has let me meet some amazing people - like you! Keep going!

    Yes yes yes a competition I say, perhaps some of your comfy comfrey..? Mine have all been decimated by big knickered ladies.

  11. ubby birfdee

    Blogging in a wonderful thing

  12. Happy Blogverary Hazel - my day is not complete until I view your blog!
    Your watercolour painting of the blogversary cake is fantastic!
    I will view with interest your second year of blogging - you have such a high standard to maintain.

  13. Well done Hazel Dene!

    One year of following along with your way of life has been a pleasure. It is always refreshing to drop by here on a regular basis...usually I leave with a smile on my face, so for this I say thank you!



  14. Love your work Hazel! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites and helps me get thought he day at work!!! Its great for inspiring me to do things and have a go at, as well as being entertaining, light hearted and down to earth! I think us Melbourne girls need to arrange a Melbourne bloggers meet and greet!
    Congratulations on your 1st Birthday!

  15. Happy blogging birthday! And may you have many more!

  16. Happy Blogversary Hazel! And many happy returns.

  17. Happy Birthday to your blog! I truly enjoy visiting often - love the stories, photos and humor. It makes my day.

  18. Happy Blogiversary! Bask in your celebrations! I enjoy your humour, your fabulous pictures and those goat antics that manage to sneak in now and then. :)

  19. Happy Blogversary Hazel!
    I think you should be allowed a wish since it's your birthday.

  20. Congratulations! I think a competition is definitely needed - one to decide on an official name for blog birthdays. Are they blogversaries, bloggerversaries, blogiversaries or just blogbirthdays. I think Ali should choose and donate the prize, then she can't win!

  21. Happy 1st year!!! It's a lot of fun and I always love checking out the stats from where everyone is checking in......Feliz cumpleaños:)

  22. Happy Birthday, Hazel's Blog, from far-off UK.
    Your witty observations on life, the universe, and chickens keep me from going loopy, and your wonderful photos inspire me to greater efforts of my own. Like you I really enjoy interacting with people from all over the world, who I would never have "met" were it not for blogging.
    I wish you even more success in your second year.

  23. Hazel I am sorry you had to eat a second rate cake on you blogs birthday. The blogging world is very interesting and entertaining. I want to wish you many blogging years to come.

  24. Hazel you glorious looking young thing - one year today! Of course you know that I adore you and your blog - your fabulous wit keeps me on my toes just trying to keep up and your fabulous garden produce is a shining example of what is really achievable in the home garden.

    I wish you many more years of fabulous blogging, and of course tons more giveaways, all of which, naturally, I would win. But please don't let that stop anyone else from trying, I adore trumping the competition :D

    Happy blogday Hazel - saw the pav on the table but knew it couldn't be mine, would you let the cook know I'll be back to pick up a fresh one sometime this week? You'll know I'm there - I'll be installed in the shed for that holiday I won a while back.


    ps did you draw the cake? Because it's beautiful!

  25. Happy Blog Birthday. I love reading your blog and I think we all know that Ali is teacher's pet :) Congratulations on a great blog.

  26. I always enjoy visiting and reading your blog Hazel, always a treat :)

    Happy Birthday Hazel's Blog!!! :-)

  27. Belated Happy Birthday rather, hehe!

    I agreee about the global nature and blogging, and it's like having so many penpals all over the world :)

  28. Happy Birthday! I've only recently found you, but really enjoy your blog and listening to your take on life. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,


  29. Happy Blog Birthday! Reading your blog always make me smile;).

  30. Happy blog birthday Hazel, and many more to come! You're one of the reasons I started playing about in blogland, I always enjoy all your posts.

  31. Happy one year! A superb blog & garden, keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing.

  32. Ooooo! I feel all warm inside. Thank you so much for your kind wishes and comments on the blog's anniversary. :-D

  33. Happy blog birthday Hazel. It has been a pleasure following you and your gardening life. And thank you for your contributions to my blog.

  34. Happy Birthday to your blog! Your site is one of my top favorites-always interesting and entertaining :)

  35. Happy Bloggie Birthday, Hazel - love your blog, and thank you for all the fun you give us :D)

  36. Happy Blogaversary, Hazel. Count me as one of those pen pals who is always entertained by your blog. -Jean

  37. Happy blog birthday! Here's to another year of great posts.


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