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Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't go there!

I was checking my passionfruit for ripeness today when I noticed this little lovely.

This one is a banana passionfruit and both the flower 
and the fact that Ali is a Banana Bender 
prompted me to take a couple of pickies.  

These snaps have nothing on Ali's photos which is entirely appropriate 
because banana passionfruit have nothing on the purple kind. 

This plant has probably suckered from the grafted Nelly Kelly nearby.
But pretty flowers nonetheless.

The fact that this post is linked to Ali's blog has hear that... NOTHING to do with the fact that she has a fabulous give-away going for three (yep THREE) Diggers books.  
So don't go there as I already have my name on at least one.


  1. if this has come up from the grafted part DONOT eat poisonous..i read it somewhere a few weeks ago

  2. I witnessed some passion fruit flowers at my friends house on Anzac day. She pointed out that the ovary hangs out in front of the petals unlike most other flowers were it sit deep inside or behind. I just did a google image search for passion fruit flower, WOW! try it.

  3. Ooo that made me giggle Hazel, and I think if the thoughts of me, you, and all our blogging friends have anything to do with being able to influence that random number generator thingy - you are in.

    But what's this about your photos? I think they are quite superb, the second one in particular... the pink of the flower against that bright blue background - just glorious.

    Makes me more and more impatient for that adoption to go through..

    But... what on earth is a banana passionfruit?

  4. I want one they are so pretty and pink do they taste as good as the flowers look ?

  5. Banana passionfruit are yellow and banana shaped. I don't know if they are poisonous...but they aren't worth eating anyway...they don't seem to make much pulp. However, this particular specimen has run up a tree in the back yard and looks pretty.

  6. Fantastic photos, Hazel (as ever!). I like the last one best, with the "coiled spring" tendril.
    Re Ali's give-away though: I'm hoping to be lucky too. I'm sure Ali has already been out to buy the stamps for overseas mail to send me my book...

  7. Lucky that you can grow the delicious edible passion fruit in your location. I'll have to make do with the ornamental flowering types grown as an annual here (perennial on milder winters).

    Gorgeous photos! And very belated Happy Easter too!! :) Haven't been online properly for the past few days as enjoying some sort of 'holiday' here and barely had time to use the computer till now.

  8. The petals are so fleshy! I didnt know Banana PF have pink flowers. Learn something new every day...


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