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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doncha wish you could lip read?

 I want to know what Kate and William were saying in the coach trip back to Buck House!  

When they came out on the balcony she said, "Wow!"  
Later I think he said, "Another kiss, go on, go on",
and she said, "OK"...and puckered up for a second time.

I s'pose it could put you off your game with hundreds of thousands watching in person and billions around the world tuned in.  But frankly I was disappointed.. a peck (even two pecks) don't cut the mustard with me...I was wanting a modern prince to embrace his bride and dip her over his arm for a real pash...oh well, that's the British for you.
Photographic evidence that I watched the wedding.
We don't have a telly, so I had to ask my neighbour if I could watch the wedding with her.  
The Cook, being a republican from way back and not having a romantic bone in her body, said she could not think of anything worse, and stayed resolutely at home.

But she did cook us this lovely meal which was fit for royalty...baked polenta in home made tomato sauce with carrots and beans on the side.  (All the veggies out of the garden of course).

She also sent me over with a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread and two baked apples and custard for desert.  My neighbour provided the very nice wine with which to toast the happy couple.

Sigh...back to the real world!


  1. LOL, I will have to ask my daughter-in-law if she sees it to tell me if she can read their lips. She is deaf and can if they get a close enough shot from the front.

  2. We said the same thing, we wished we could lip read, and I am sure the newpapers do employ deaf people just for that purpose....
    As for the pash, well, yes, I think they should have had a big one as they walked out of the church, the crowd would have loved it....and why dont they kiss in the church?, I always thought that the priest says, now you may kiss the bride.....???? I know we did and I look back and think why didnt we have a big pash too...and shock the pants off of all the old ladies in the Catholic congregation!!!!!! Oh, to have your time over may have even squeezed my new husbands butt.....WITH TWO HANDS!

  3. Ooo two hands!!!

    I loved the "oh wow", I can't imagine what it would be like to be marrying into that sort of existence... I'd sure like to give it a go with that younger brother of his. Harry is HOT.

  4. I piked..I couldn't stay up till the end but watched in this morning..she looked pretty in her dress ,they both looked in love...on our wedding day my husband was so nervous(like a fly in a spiders web kinda nervous)he could only muster a peck too.
    Maybe the queen said no snoggy on the balcony ..I heard she cate calls him big willy,maybe thats what she whispered to him and he was later woman LOL

  5. I heard on the radio she asked him 'Are you happy?' would've been a bummer if he'd said no :)

    Love that you are eating out of your garden for entire meals!! I WISH!

    I also note your socks have no holes. Most unlike mine.

  6. No, no, what he ACTUALLY said was "What do you think of your new Mother-in-Law?" :)
    I bet that when Harry gets married, he will give his bride a pretty comprehensive snog on the balcony! He's a bit (no, a lot) less reserved than his brother.

  7. I was waiting for the pash. But no just a boring granny kiss.

    All the media rave about is how happy they looked. cate looked happy but Will... looked bored and restrained as if he was doing another royal duty.

  8. I thought it was all so sweet but I felt sorry for tham having to conform to tradition...

    But I did like seeing Harry give Kate a sly look up and down as she was standing next to William. Good work brother. I don't think may people noticed... Um just like 2 billion!

  9. Ha ha, I too wished there were some arms around each other for their kiss :D)
    I recorded it, so could watch the bits I wanted to - some commentators were b o r i n g!
    Harry had that "just got out of bed and -oh-I've-got-to-be-somewhere-today- kinda look" I felt ;-)
    I like William's touch of shyness in everything he does.

  10. Oh dear, here I was, bangin' on about all my thoughts Hazel, and I forgot to say how talented The Cook is - a yummo meal to come back to after all that royal-watching. All from your own garden too, how beaut :D)


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