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Thursday, March 10, 2011

She has her father's nose.

I recently became a Great Aunt for the fourteenth time.  As my niece lives in a different state, her mother and I were reduced to pouring over one photo on Facebook.  After the initial the oooooing and aaaahhing we began, that generations old game of, looking for family resemblances in the gorgeous, squishy little face.  My sister and brother in law only lasted a week before they jumped on a plane to continue the game in person.

I love the way the tiny babies of different plants look when they emerge.  
Sometimes they resemble their parents and other times not.

Onion seedlings - although folded over, look a bit like onions

Carrots look more like grass

A beetroot has its mum's colouring.

Brassicas bear strong family resemblances with the same little heart shaped leaves
whether they are cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli or another. Of course grow up to look
exactly like their Mum or Dad.

Which gardener among us doesn't recognise the furry little leaves of the  infant tomato plant when it pops up in the compost.  This little fella will have a short existence...wrong time of the year for it at this end of the world!
You can see, by their heart shaped leaves, that turnips are members of the brassicaceae family too.

Mmmm!  I may have been a bit heavy handed with the turnip seeds (three types) in these rows.  

A bit of thinning required I think

I also like the way, when you nibble on them,  seedlings usually taste like the vegetables they will grow into...just like the way human babies all have that irresistible smell. 


  1. You're making me feel so behind! I totally forgot about the Broccoli! GOSH!

    I wonder if I have some purple sprouting somewhere... I visited the Flemington community garden for work the other day and it was everywhere AND looked great!

  2. Oh I love babies... baby dogs, baby chickens, baby babies, and of course baby vegetables... congratulations to the new baby in your family Hazel, what a lovely special time for you all :)


  3. Congratulations Hazel on a new person in your family and all those other little babies too.
    No no more blues in the garden, the neighbours might hear!

  4. I love the header photo of the Borage flower. Photographing blues is difficult, so even more credit is due.
    Re baby plants looking like their parents: next time you see a parsnip seedling, tell me whether you think it looks just like a tomato one. (Before it gets its first real leaves that is.)

  5. Great post, really enjoyed reading it. Gorgeous photo at the top of your blog as well. And congrats on becoming a great auntie again!

  6. I thought for a moment you were going to say when you nibble the baby as well:) A Scottish friend of mine by accident said to my oldest when he was a baby said " I could eat you" and she bit his bottom because she thought he had a nappy on but the look on her face when she realized he didn’t I couldn't be angry with her but I do tease her a bit to this day .

  7. What a cute post!! I have huge trouble thinning seedlings. I feel so bad for them all.

  8. Love your baby post Hazel and the beautiful blue borage flowers. Are you going to add the flowers to your salad or perhaps garnish your desert?
    Fell in love with Jimmy when we first gazed into each others eyes!
    He has GGGW chin, a cute turned up nose and we are not sure of its origin.


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