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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rooster pedicure

I have lovely neighbours including a very nice man who lives over the road.  
We were talking roosters one day and he offered to trim Brewster's spurs if they needed doing.

Well today, Mr Nice told me to bring the boy over.
I had to catch him first...but that is another whole story.
I wrapped Brewster in a towel and he was very subdued.  Maybe the fact that it was a pink towel added to the indignity of the situation.  
Who knows what goes on in a rooster's mind?

I learned a couple of things today.  The first was that it is almost impossible to take good photos with your non-dominant hand while juggling a rooster in a towel in the other.  
I decided to use the photos anyway.  
As you can sort of see from this photo Brewster's spurs were about four centimetres (almost 2") long.

Here is a fuzzy accidental picture of Mr Nice's shed.

I had this one all lined up but Mr Nice moved just as I pressed the shutter.

Now you can see how Mr Nice used his grinder to file the spur.
He said that Dr Harry (a celebrity vet in Australia)
showed how to do this on TV

The second thing I learned today was that if you grind a rooster's spur, just a little bit, too far you make a bloody mess. 
It had stopped bleeding by the time I said goodbye to Mr Nice who had morphed into Mr I. M. Awfully Sorry.
I dabbed a bit of antiseptic on it before I let Brewster go.

By the way, I have decided not to take Mr Nice up on his offer of a pedicure and manicure...I'll stick to doing it myself.

Brewster gave me a filthy look when I put him down but I know his girls will be happier now.  
He was injuring their backs when he mounted them.  

Now they can practise 'safe sex'.


  1. I'm sure Brewster will forgive you and Mr Nice.

  2. Good idea to keep to doing manicures and pedicures yourself!! I'm sure the poor rooster is not looking forward to anymore "pampering".

  3. ohrrr poor Mr Brewster, don't think S will be on his mind for a while.

  4. Hi Hazel, I popped over from Ali.
    Love your blog and its photos ... um, of course can understand why the ones in this post are wonky . You did well taking them!! They do portray the trials of Mr Brewster very well though ;-)

    His girls will thank you I'm quite sure!
    Cheers :D

  5. eek, same happens with guinea pig claws...
    I have see a website that sells little saddles for that they dont get hurt during their love making...
    But I think a quick manicure would be less time consuming than dressing chickens every day for their dates..........
    Enjoy that pumpkin!

  6. oh funny one Hazel. I have a mental picture of Mr Nice morhphing into Mr Awfully Sorry.

  7. Poor girls having those spurs digging into their backs!
    Sounds like dog nails too. I have to do Ollie's but I just can't bring myself to do it. I already feel like Mr Awfully Sorry and there are no grinders in sight!

  8. Oh gosh that "safe sex" comment gave me a giggle... gee I'd love to sit down and have a cup of tea with you Hazel.

    On a down note, my dumb bottom computer is having a hissy fit and won't load any photos. Pain in the butt, because these are ones I really want to see!

  9. chickens with saddles i tried but i cant get that image out my mind
    so i have this smile on my face and everyone is asking "whats the joke?"


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