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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goodness gracious me!

I post my best pictures to a site called Garden Grab which is based in the UK.  If they like the pictures, they pop them up and when people click on them they are redirected to the post on my blog.  My stats indicate that a substantial amount of traffic to my blog has come this way.  I have also found some interesting gardens and gardeners through the site.

Garden Grab is 'The Stylish Gardening Site' and its parent site is Feather and Fern.  Well, lovely Isabel asked if she could feature my garden on Feather and Fern.  Of course, flattered, I said yes.

Now the rub is.  Isabel has sent me a series of questions to gather information about the garden so she can write a review.  The questions are:

  • Please outline a brief history of the garden and how the site as it is today came to be.
  • What was the main purpose for the garden?
  • Who is the designer (or have there been many)?
  • What is the soil/region/climate/size?
  • How many gardeners work on the site?
  • Is the garden run on organic principles?
  • What are the main features of the garden?
  • When is the garden at its very best?
  • Tell me about any rare/unusual plants/trees you have.
  • Have you got any particular techniques or tips you would like to share with our readers?
  • Please add as much additional information about the garden as you feel appropriate.

Well firstly, it sounds as if Isabel thinks my humble garden is and estate and, as you know, I have only been here about 13 months and know little of the garden's history.  

I was pondering my approach to this while out in the front garden today when a car pulled up.  
A couple emerged and it turns out that the woman was the original gardener here!  
She now lives in Queensland and is visiting family down here.  She had come to see how her garden had grown.  I now have some of the answers to Isabel's questions.

Serendipity strikes again.  


  1. Isn't that incredible that they should come just at this time when you needed them. I must visit those sites and hope to see you on there too. Well done Hazel

  2. Wow! That's awesome! How lovely for you to now have that connection!

  3. wow is all i could think about to write but really wow.

  4. Serendipitous is the word! What an extraordinary turn of events. I would love to meet the original gardener for my place ... I think it would be a fascinating conversation. I bet you had a wonderful chat.

  5. I too would like to meet the person who started the garden in the house where I live, but probably for different reasons than yours. When I moved in the garden consisted of just a square of tatty grass surrounded by a very thin (12") border containing huge numbers of conifer plants. If these had been left to grow, my garden would now be almost light-free!

  6. Serendipity indeed! So ... did Edna Walling happen to glance over the garden at any stage?? Also was the solar power man handsome and have 2 kids??

  7. Well done on being featured Hazel! And an interesting anecdote, what a lovely coincidence to see the previous owner at a time you needed questions answered. It's always nice to know the history of the garden and how it has evolved to the character that it has now :)

  8. Ooo Hazel, I will be able to say I knew her when! How blooming exciting, will you post a link to the Feather and Fern feature on your garden when it comes up? I'd love to have a squizz. You must be so chuffed, well done :)

  9. Well done Hazel! I look forward to reading the feature.

  10. Congratulations! How lovely to meet the original owner. But now I am curious - Did she like the new Hazel Garden? Does she have photo's of how it used to be? How many other owners have there been? Did you tell her that her previous place is about to be famous?


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