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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Autumnal Asparagus.

It may be the wrong time to be playing about with asparagus, however the shoots on this purple sprouting variety gives me hope that I haven't totally stuffed up.

I figure that growth above ground probably indicates root development below ground too and both are  signs that it is happy where it is.

I think this must be an example of what Jackie French calls the Autumn Flush.  That would be why, in this climate, we can get the seedlings up and growing ready for the winter crops.

I hope these skinny bastards put on some weight in the next couple of years. 


  1. oh yum - asparagus. I struggle with it too - but neighbour has a lovely great clump of it. Seems once it is really established you can't kill it with an axe. Trick is to get it established. Yours will be fine - just keep those goats away from it!

  2. Well, I grew(neglected) a few roots for several years and they seemed to be doing fine but all of a sudden this year, they did not come back so I guess you can kill them after all.

  3. Autumn is the best time in Melbourne to plant stuff! And the 'harry-goose' will be so happy that you have done it! mmm 'sparagoose...
    Look at that glorious morning! Certainly didn't wake up to that this morning!

  4. It takes a few years to come Hazel, and I think the ferny stuff is important and you let it 'fern' up....then cut back...but anyway, I guess you will read up a little about it...I am hoping mine is under the ground somewhere and that I havnt killed it....I havnt seen any ferny bits for a

  5. Good for you Hazel. Autumn is like a second spring now...a great time to be planting trees and things. The ground is still warm and lots of rain, so it promotes growth before winter and will be better established for spring and summer next year.

  6. Hazel, the key to getting a good crop of asparagus is - Restraint. You must let it get well established before you crop it, and that means leaving it unharvested for two years. It needs as much fern (leaf) as it can get, to build up energy. It's worth the wait though.

  7. Ooo I hope I experience a bit of autumnal flush, I could do with a pick up!

    I am very envious of your lovely asparagus, and look forward to hearing about it on your plate in several years time!!! Gosh I bet it's worth the wait though. Did you notice that I just copied Mark??

  8. Hope you get some Fat Bastards in a couple of years.

  9. It takes awhile to establish, but once it's there, it's hard to get rid of.....your title pic is scary:)

  10. Oooooh yummmmmmm!! I can't trust myself to be parent so haven't planted any. Really want o though!

  11. Yours are looking good!
    I enjoyed your pics of them as well.
    We have some my hubby has planted down the back. They seem to be amazingly hardy - never complain, just keep coming up each year.
    Soon, hopefully, we can start eating them :D)


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