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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Six fat bastards in one bed

Yesterday I planted asparagus.  I had a go at a couple of plants last year, but I didn't really go to much effort and of course they didn't even put in an appearance this year. 

I have had a bed planted with some green manure.    It had grown well and was very lush.The roots were strong too and as all of this organic matter rots down it will do the soil no end of good.

I also added a bag of commercial sheep manure...well rotted, a couple of handfuls of blood and bone and a wheelbarrow full of my own compost.

In addition...I mixed some of the bio-char I bought with some straight Charlie Carp (liquid manure made from feral fish).  I laid this in the bottom of the trenches and covered with a little of the soil.

My nephew apparently added a Chalie Carp and charcoal mix beneath his corn this year and it grew like magic beans all the way to the sky!  

The charcoal or bio-char is a soil conditioner.  It is porous and holds nutrients and inhibits the leaching of these through watering.

The asparagus was in tubes and had good root development.  I teased out the roots and spread them in the hole before covering.

Here they are all tucked up.  

So what is this about fat bastards?  
The variety of asparagus is Fat the label.

I also planted another bed of Purple Asparagus.  
Now all I have to do is wait for a couple of years before we can eat some.


  1. Hazel I absolutely ADORE your sense of humor. I always know I'll be laughing when I click on your blog. You are a treasure and I'm so glad you began following my blog so I could in turn discover yours.
    Thanks for the laugh (again and again).

  2. Hope they go like manure of a shovel, so happy they invented a variety of asparagus for obese adoptees, reconition at last!! Sorry, in joke, you can laugh heartily, it's ok.
    How's things in goatland?

  3. Hi Hazel; With all that "cocktail" of fantastic nutients, those asparagus plants have no excuse for under-performance. Isn't it a shame that you will now have to wait two years before you can enjoy their produce? One of my favourite ways of eating asparagus is with a (free-range) poached egg on top - something that you will no doubt be doing with yours too.

  4. It will be interesting to see how the Six Fat Bastards prosper in your bio-char/manure/compost bed. I have always been a bit too impatient to wait for asparagus to mature! Caesar

  5. LOL Hazel you are so very amusing. How long does it take asparagus to mature?? Not that I want to grow it since I can't stand the stuff :p Have a great day!!

  6. With such a great start in life those fat bastards should thrive. Nothing is better than fresh asparagus.
    Also - I love the close-up of the pumkpin.

  7. Hazel ,Wrong time of the year to be mucking about with planting Asparagus. Prepare the soil now then WAIT till mid to late winter and plant the crown of roots in a tench and then slowly fill in as shoots appear.Ian

  8. OMG that is just to funny :-) how ever i wont be planting such things i can imagen my younger children telling people we have some fat barsteds in the garden :-o

  9. What a wonderfully named plant!


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