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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teenage Risk-takers

The one with her head through the wire is, Emily Blackhead and the one nearest the camera is Vera.

This black one is Hortense.  She is the one with the damaged eye from being pecked by Henny as a day old.
We thought Hortense was a good pirate name.  We may even get her an eye patch.  

We let the little ones out to do a bit of free ranging yesterday.  One of the hens came barreling out of nowhere and pecked one on the head.  I think it will be a while before we can amalgamate them into the flock.


  1. ahhh, yes, they (whoever they are) don´t call it a pecking order for nothing! Integration will take a while. We are going through the same thing. The oldest hatch of chicks have just been indoctrinated into the main herd. Only two more flocks to go. Although we will be keeping the youngest hatching of one with her mom and our recently retired rooster.

  2. Hazel you have a wonderful blog!! I am so excited you found mine so I, in turn, could find yours. I'm going to grab a cup of tea and read some of your posts. Have a great week!

  3. I love an old fashioned name for a chook.
    All we have left is Flo.....she is lonely.
    I am on the lookout for some nice colourful breeds.
    Can I ask you what flavour you chooks are? I have always just bought the old red ones, but would like something different.
    And I am not familiar with any of the names for when I start looking...thanks Hazel.
    Suzanne. Happy Sausage in Bread Day to you...xx

  4. Isn't it strange how what's on the other side of the fence is always more interesting.

  5. Enchanted Lady: The Rooster is a Cochin (Ginger with pantaloons- a quiet breed), Isa Browns - They are the plain brown ones you have I think. Bred for egg production but burn out quickly. Bared Leghorns (coloured but the same as the old white ones - flighty) The chickens all bought as good layers: Gingerhams (brown) and Black Australorp x New Hampshire. I want to get a couple of silkies, and those pretty black and white laced ones, and a breed i have forgotten that lays blue eggs! Not all at once though.

  6. I see you got the Blogger issue sorted out. Did you have to do anything, or was it done at the service provider's end?
    Lovely picture of the logs...

  7. Thanks Hazel...they do burn out quickly, as I have found...not long laying and too larger eggs and they end up with egg I will keep those flavours in mind and get looking...I am NOT LIKING buying eggs, they dont taste right.x

  8. Hazel, are the logs from trees that were burnt in the 2009 bushfires?

  9. They look sweet Hazel, and love their names! Hortense is actually my favourite :)

  10. We seem to have some sort of handle on this problem after years of trial and error.
    Our mob lives in a roomy Orchard. We have two separate areas for mothers and babies. One is secure enough so very little chicks can't escape and when big enough they are moved to a more commodious raptor safe enclosure. They sleep in a movable wooden dog kennel. When the time is right we move the kennel out into the wider orchard. There is enough room for them to keep to that corner of the orchard and they are rarely hassled. If we need to we move the kennel closer to the henhouse in slow increments. This means the night time perching business can resolve itself in a more organic fashion. Nothing is perfect but it seems to work well enough. Good luck with yours.


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