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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not much gardening

There have been lots of visitors and overnight guests this week.

There has been a fair bit of bed making and sheet washing.

One of the guests turned out to be a real stick in the mud!

My grandsons and a great niece played in the creek.  

ALL kids love a creek.

Even Hazel got in today...but there aren't any photos to share of that event!

Just as an aside, my two grandsons are of the 'digital generation' and are both adept on computers and other electronic devices.  So it should be as it will be a big part of their lives.  Their mum tries to strike a balance and manage their 'screen time'.  They have been at Grandma's for three nights where there is not even a T.V.  We wondered what would happen.

I suppose it isn't that surprising that they had a great time doing the things that kids have done for ever...playing board games and cards, raiding the dress up box, holding the chickens, walking the goats, exploring the vegetable garden, picking beans, swimming in the creek, helping to build a rock dam and playing with their second cousin.


  1. Nice clean sheets Hazel :) I love fresh laundry, so post away!

    My children too are growing up with gadgets everywhere, and their father himself is interested in all things technological.

    I have put my foot down and said no Playstations, no Wii, no XBox. It's easy because my boys are still both so young, but I expect great opposition in the future.

    Thank you for this post Hazel, to remind me that I will not be depriving my children if they don't have the same things as I imagine most of their friends will have.

    They have a lovely big yard, the run of underneath the house, an enormous trampoline, bicycles, scooters, a fish pond, chickens, a dog and now a cat.

    They have so much more than so many children, and I will remind myself that when it comes to standing firm in my decision.

  2. These were my favourite sort of holidays when I was a kid, they leave the best memories.

  3. What a gorgeous post! Kids will always be kids, give them mud, give them a creek give them some animals and they will occupy themselves for hours on end.

    I also love your goats!!!!

  4. Thats exactly what kids (all of them) love to their imagination, and explore their world....
    We have none of the 'usual' technology toys in our house, my oldest will be 10 soon, and I must admit it has been hard at times when friends have all the 'mod gadgets' but my children have the most vivid imaginative minds , creative minds, and problem solving I am so proud of them to 'put up' with their boring old mum....
    They will remember those days at the creek more than playing with a DS,( or what ever they are
    That creek looks like super fun...

  5. You are so right. They will remember the holidays with you fondly for the rest of their lives. My brother and I can still remember holidays on my Aunt and Uncle's farm from almost half a century ago.

  6. Oh that looks like so much fun i love it when children can play with out all the eletronics my children have always preferd making mud pies ect than being stuck indoors watching tv and what not..there's plenty of time for computers and tvs ipods phones when they grow up as iv found out with my 2 teens one being 18 the other 15 :-( good thing there's still a 10 and 3 year old loving the great out doors :-)

  7. You are so observant Hazel - the photograph of the almost transparent butterfly is beautiful.

  8. So nice to have a creek near the house...

  9. Oh what a vaca for the grands. Wish I was visiting also.

  10. Hazel; you must have been pretty busy with that lot to entertain (and feed, presumably).

    It says a lot about you that you still found time to update your blog!

    BTW: did you see my message about awards? :-)

  11. What a gorgeous creek! Look at that waterflow! I would have to install a small water turbine to produce electricity to get off the grid.

    Those kids are having the best and purest fun of their lives! What great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the pictures of the children playing in the creek with sticks and mud. How nice for them to getaway and come and be out in nature like that. My family and I spent all of last November screen free and I thought my 10,7 and 3 year old would not know what to do with themselves. To my surprise there was no asking for it at all there was no whining or arguing this month without was creative blissful peaceful. I didn't know how to reintroduce it nor did I want to. Sadly we did go back but gee when you have a hard and fast rule it is a lot easier for everyone to stick to it. I want to go back to that screen free or at least do it every 3 rd month.

  13. And thats what builds beautiful memories. Sounds just like the childhood I had, wonderful. Those children will never forget the times they spent with you.

  14. And do you know Hazel, they will remember that holiday for the rest of their lives I bet you. What a great time they would have had. Your place looks amazing and I LOVE the curious goats!


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