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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hazel is forked!

Remember my poor broken stainless steel garden fork with the five year warranty?  You know the one that was less than a year old?  The one I broke a tine off, with my own muscles?  
I know you remember, Ali.  

In this modern world, Trojan garden tools are made by Cyclone.  After a couple of phone calls I found myself telling my tale of woe to a nice man named, David.  When I explained about my fork I don't think he quite believed me because said he wanted photos.  I thought he was getting a little bit too familiar until I understood he wanted photos of the fork...not me.  Once that was sorted out,  I told him I had blogged about the mishap.  He said he didn't even know what a blog was.  So I dutifully emailed through the photos of the fork as requested and added a link to this blog...just for educational purposes.

He emailed me back, obviously having popped over to the blog, and said he would be sending me out an extra heavy duty forged steel fork.  Clearly he recognises what an Amazon I am...even without pics. 'Oh, and by the way', he added, 'I am trying to grow tomatoes but they have spots on the leaves.  What can I do?'   Of course, flattered as I was, I gave him chapter and verse about growing tomatoes and dealing with blight.  

As promised the new fork duly arrived by delivery person yesterday. It is made in Australia (Yay!) and has a 10 year guarantee!  I have carefully taken photos to document this fact in case I manage to break it. 

I am as happy as a doorstop with my new fork!

Now I am going to email my friend, David with a link to this post.  Mmmm, I wonder if he is single?


  1. But can you lift this very fine example of forkhood?

  2. That is a very salient point is heavy, but remember I am strong enough to break a stainless steel fork.

  3. Good on you for getting your replacement, if you dont ask, you dont get.....

    I hope it gets the job done and lasts a very long time....if it dosnt, 'David' may have to take you out for dinner..........

  4. I suppose David couldn't just pop round and do the digging for you, could he Hazel? I'm sure you could pay him in kind (I mean with gardening tips, of course).

  5. You're a Devil Hazel :)

  6. Hands off Hazel, if he's single, then hand him over.

    Now... this competition of strength of ours... I won't agree with it, but it did seem after several comment on my blog, that your teeny tiny stainless steel tine was a stronger testimony to strength than my SOLID WOOD shovel handle. Now I can accept what the masses claim, even though I don't agree with them... so okay, you won that one.


    I have discovered something that you have blogged about recently, that I can absolutely hands down, pants off beat you on. No question about it.

    I'll post about it soon... just biding my time Hazel, just biding my time...

  7. Nice fork, but wonderful doorstops! Envy, envy......

  8. I guess telling your story to the world may have held some sway!

  9. Delightful photo of your fork and doorstops.

    Long live your new fork.

    Thanks for being the first to visit my latest post on Loose and Leafy!


  10. This time last year I was sitting in your crystal clear King Parrot Creek which was running gently over the rocks.
    Home the flooding water doesn't wash your pump away!

  11. Ah the fork looks happy accompanied by those cheeky doorstops.

  12. 10 Stars to a company that honours their guarantee without arguing and 100 stars to the company that still produces local products and doesn't just import cheap look alikes.


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