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Monday, January 3, 2011

Chfff, chff, chff, chff, chff, prrrrrrrrrrrr, chfff, chff...

Well, what do you know!  I have actually had to turn on the sprinklers in the gardena couple of times because it hasn't rained in a while (obviously I do not live in Queensland).

The sound of sprinklers is the sound of childhood Summers. 

With the long drought we have had in south sastern Australia there have been strict water restrictions imposed.  I could only water twice a week in my last garden.

Apart from falling in love with the garden, the main selling points of this house for me were the water rights to the creek and the watering system.

I would like to hug the last bloke who owned this garden.  

His name is Trevor and he was once an irrigator in Deniliquin NSW.  He turned his hand to installing an extensive sprinkler system throughout the whole garden.  The water is pumped from the creek behind the house.

There are several banks of these sprinklers.  The pump can't cope with them all on at once.

So these in-line taps enable watering of different sections of the garden at a time. Trevor even made a tool to turn them easily with out bending down.  Sometimes, no usually, I get drenched trying to dodge the sprinklers to turn the taps on and off...but that is part of the fun.

Some sprinkler heads have their own taps like this one.  The sprinklers are fully adjustable...from full circle to a narrow arc, from a long reach to a short one, and a from a jet to a showery sprinkle.

In the veggie garden there are two taps.  I water the veggies by hand which I prefer anyway because different plants need different sized drinks at different times in their life cycle.  Watering near the roots helps to prevent mildew problems.  While watering I can monitor the health of each plant and plan any actions I may need to take.  I also pull out the odd weed as I water.  Watering for me is also a time to plan what else to do in the garden and to just enjoy it all.


  1. What a bonus for your lovely garden ... having an irrigation system installed that feeds from your own creek!

    There is an irrigation system installed in my garden too, but not such a sturdy one as yours. We're forever fixing bits of it ... and that can be a difficult job as it is hard to reach in some spots.

    Up here, of course, there's no need for it at the moment. The rain is almost a daily occurence here in the north-east of Qld. Fortunately no flooding here right now, but the 'wet' is not over yet.

  2. I have a shallow well for my vegetable garden. Isn't having a good irrigation supply a wonderful blessing?

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Hazel, there is nothing you could have posted about to make me more envious. Not even a full basket of your vegetable harvest, along with those scrumptious jams made by the cook.

    I hope your sprinkler system wets your washing.


  4. Love those sound effects Hazel.

    We've been allowed to use sprinklers for the first time in a couple of years this summer. I do love the sound they make and enjoy watching the water sprinkle in the sunlight but still feel a bit guilty turning them on.

    Cheers, Judith

  5. Sounds like a triumph of the water engineering science! Such a thing would be overkill in my little veg plothough. One of my daughters once bought me an electric pump to attach to a hose from the water-butt, but I have never yet needed to use it.

  6. Ditto Ali!
    I am soooooooooo jealous of your water supply and irrigation system, Hazel.

  7. Your new lifestyle sounds ideal Hazel, and the irrigation system, what a bonus. Here in Scotland although we have had hosepipe bans, it is very seldom. Thanks for visiting aberdeengardening.

  8. You're so right Hazel - that sound does bring back memories. I think the last time I heard a sprinkler system like that was on our farm, where we had water rights from the river. Oh how I miss that place.

  9. While your garden is going green, the rest of us are going green with envy.
    Even though we've had more rain than we can cope with in S.E.Qld, we still have water restrictions are sprinklers are banned. We have tanks, but to have your own creek must be just the best.

  10. Ahhh the wonderful sound of a garden sprinkler! I can't wait for summer! Your garden whets my appetite :)

  11. Hi Hazel
    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.
    I love the photos on your blog and will add you to my bloglist.

    No need for a sprinker systen here at the moment - the thaw after all our snow has left things positively soggy!


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