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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nesting and some updates.

I have been watching a pair of Willy Wagtails build a nest on a branch hanging out over the creek.  Each night I go for a walk to admire their building and to note the changes.  

The first two photos were taken a week ago.  They spent a long time on the foundations of the nest which was mainly spiders' web.  It was fascinating to sit on the bank and watch them weave beak fulls around the branches. Then they would press their chests into the cup to make it conform to their bodies.  

This photo shows an almost finished nest, I think.  It is about the size of a teacup and now has a fine grasses woven into it. 

This final photo shows the position of the nest over the creek.

I have done a bit of reading and it seems Willy Wagtails usually lay three eggs.  The resulting offspring quickly outgrow the nest. To cope with the over crowding problem they climb out onto the nearby branches.

At first I thought this was the perfect place for a nest, away from predators.  Now I am hoping the chicks can hold on tight...or that they can swim!

I found a pelargonium to love!

The flower is tiny and the bush smells like roses when is probably a 'Rose Geranium'! 

Due to popular demand, I will not be pulling out the other pelargoniums.  This is just a STAY of execution.  I will cut them back, plant around them and spare them so long as they blend in and behave themselves.  I had no idea there were so many pelargonium fans out there in Blogland.

Bad news on the chick front.

Henny killed or fatally injured five of the chickens.  We retrieved the live, uninjured ones she had kicked out of the nest and have them under a light.  Looks like a bit of hand rearing of chicks will be happening here.  Once they warmed up they began eating and drinking and look strong and lively. 

Henny has suddenly snapped out of her broody mood and spent the day with Brewster and the others as if the last three weeks was a dream.


  1. Love the nesting and the Pelagonium, glad you decided not to cull them!

    Sorry to hear bout the little chicks! Silly Henny. Fingers crossed for the survivor.


  2. Good news on the pellies!
    Poor Henry she got so confused and did what they usually do in these circumstances.Chicks are very able to survive usually, if kept warm.

  3. Oh, poor little chicks... at least it's summer and it shouldn't be too hard to keep them warm, are you doing the light bulb thing?

  4. I hope the chicks on the nest above the river will grow successfully. It's miraculous that the nest can stay in that so isolated position...

  5. Re the wagtail nest: doesn't it make you wonder why the birds don't build a larger nest? It's like buying a one-bedroom flat when you know you're about to produce triplets!

  6. The chicks are thriving under their desk lamp, eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow.

    That's funny Mark. Perhaps they are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, making do with less.

  7. So sorry to hear about the chicks. Hope they recuperate soon. Blast that Henny! Loved your Christmas beetle and the pelargonium. Happy Holidays.

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  9. Love the nest photos Hazel!

    And sorry to hear about the chicks, but good to know that the ones you're hand rearing are doing well.

  10. Hazel
    Very interesting, great post love your photos as always

  11. Silly Henny...what a waste of little chickie lives though..I have had day old chicks...and they need the light for a while...I am sure they will be fine.....


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