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Thursday, November 25, 2010

We have a winner - not!!

Thank you for all your wonderful, crazy suggestions for the use of the repurposed shed.  

I love all your ideas! 
(It's a heart)

I am surprised no-one suggested rabbits. 

If you thought the shed was for a camel you would have been wrong.  The roof is too low.  
Tortoise would have been incorrect too.

I am very partial to miniature galloping horses.

But the correct answer is goats...two.  

This is the best I could do for a are looking at the back end!

Although our block is less than half an acre, there is a fair bit of land at the back of the property and a steep creek bank that I can't mow.  Lots of grass for goats.  The neighbours like the idea too, so that means more grass.  We are getting two because they are herd animals and one on its own can get sad.

And the winner is.....!

Kimmy guessed correctly (though we aren't going to milk them at this stage) but then changed her mind and withdrew that guess.  Anyway, Kimmy is building a very posh Farm Stay apartment at her place and is probably too good for this prize.  

 'Anonymous' was correct, but how will you prove it is you?  That is the price you pay for being a lurker and not owning up to who you are!  

I have decided that I will offer the prize to Ali, because although her  guess of a pole dancing studio was incorrect,  I liked the idea and besides, she always laughs at my jokes.   I am hoping that when she visits she will show me some of her best moves on the pole.  So Ali, please leave your email in a message and I will get back to you about arranging for your stay. Please read the fine print below before claiming the prize.

As you can see from the photo on the left, the shed is ready and the bed made up.  

Most exciting of we got the Goat Mix.  Going by the picture on the front it should be enough to make two goats. I can't find any instructions on how to mix it.  I suppose you just put it with water and leave it over night and the goats will be there in the morning. I wouldn't think you have to cook it.   I have examined the picture closely and can't tell if they will be boys or girls.  Hoping for two girls.  

The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.  If your guess was not entered as a comment on the blog, it didn't count.
Transport to and from the resort, hot water, linen, meals, mosquito/blow fly/locust nets, snake repellant, rat traps, snail bait, rooster deterrent, pleasantries or any sort of service is not included.  The proprietors hope you enjoy your stay.  No guarantees are given in regard to the safety of the shed or responsibility taken by the proprietor for any accidents resulting in death or injury as a result of pole dancing on the property.



  1. Oh you are a silly-billy! Goats hey!! I'd watch out for splinters on that pole, could be nasty.
    I may post on my goat experience at The Dog Blog for your amusement.Good luck!

  2. Yay! I was right , you did throw us a bit with the government visiting though! We had a milking goat for 3 years- so when you have goaty questions , I will be there for you. Like.... when they eat all your vegetables , demolish your mandarine tree and attempt to come in the house. Have fun, goats are very intelligent animals and ours would follow us around like a dog.

  3. Oh that was too simple lol...

    Good luck with your goats, they are hard to keep confined though, very mischievous. We had one (girl) once and it lasted only a few days as we couldn't keep it in a 5ft enclosure. It was a feral variety though that had been hand reared (spoilt)

    I would love a goat for milking but hubby can't be convinced.

    Have a great day and thank you for the fun!


  4. Hazel, I knew you had style, humour and lovely vegetables, now I know you have taste as well. Well done Hazel, well done.

    I'm going to go strut around my house a little, as is befitting to the winner of a prize such as this.

    Thank you Hazel, thank you.

  5. That sucks I was the winner fair and square - I GUESSED GOATS! Also you are discriminating against my name Anon Y Mous! hahahaha - how are Irene and Heather? Got their feathers back yet?

  6. Well, I was wrong, I admit it, but you kept us guessing and gave us all a good laugh (or two), so thanks for that. I wish you luck with the new "family". By the way, finding all those pictures in the clouds is definitely a sign that you need help... :)

  7. Will Granny mind sharing with Nanny?

  8. The cloud formations are wonderful - you certainly have the observation gene!

  9. You have a lovely blog Hazel, I am subscribing now, thank you!

  10. Von, you thought it was going to be geese didn't you!
    I hope I don't live to regret the decision, and I also hope I manage to keep them away from the veggies etc. Kimmy. I will come running to you if I have question.

    I have had a goat in the past and it was like a dog and would come running when we came home.
    And now, because of your rant, I know who you are anonymous so I am willing to award you second prize and you can come and stay in the shed with Ali ...but do check the small print.

    Mark, thanks for your entries in my competition they were very creative.

    Welcome Rose!


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