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Friday, November 26, 2010

Calming Camomile

On the plant

 I have tried various commercial varieties of camomile tea over the years but they leave me with a nasty stinging sort of sensation at the back of my throat.  Today I picked some fresh flowers, dropped them into boiling water, let it steep for a few minutes, strained it, added a little honey and it tasted wonderful.

I think I will have a go at drying some too.
On the plate

In the pot

Camomile tea is relaxing, aids digestion and relaxes muscles, eases muscle cramps, premenstrual tension, and can help when you have a head ache.  It is also said to boost the immune system.   Research carried out by British scientists may give a clue to how it works.

Perfect at night after a big day in the garden.



  1. Hi Hazel,
    try freezing the flowers, less loss of essential oils that way. I have harvested all of mine to keep in that way

  2. This is pretty cool Elaine, it would be nice to dry them and pop some into pretty packets for Christmas presents. Can you tell I am broke this year?!

    Perhaps I could get a cup or two during my shed stay?

    ps I got grabbed Elaine :) I still don't really understand how to navigate the site though! Where's yours?

  3. Freezing sounds the go. I suppose if I spread them out on baking paper, freeze then pop them into bags. Would that work?

    And Ali, who is Elaine? I saw you were grabbed. I am the one with the oranges, snails, rose. They put you on more than one page. You are on flowers, and on vegetables. My orange marmalade is on fruit and on recipes.

  4. I'm not normally a fan of the "cranky" teas, in which category I would place Chamomile, but yours sounds completely different. Just goes to show that home-grown stuff wins every time.

  5. Hi Hazel,
    That sounds really nice, you have inspired me to go out and buy some seed.
    Cheers Barry

  6. Not a big fan of Camomile tea myself, but I do love the plant and scent of the foliage as I rub against it :)


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