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Friday, November 5, 2010

Pottager - Part 1

There was a box hedge maze at the side of the house when I moved in.  It made visitors exclaim and my grandsons enjoyed playing in it.  But it never really appealed to me and clipping it was just another job to do without much in return.  So, as it is outside the kitchen window and close to the back door, I have decided to turn it into a pottager garden with picking greens and herbs.  

Here is what it looked like this morning...greatly in need of a haircut.

This what it looked like this afternoon with the centre removed and the side hedges clipped.  The chooks were a great help finding worms, snails, slugs, slaters and the odd spider.  

Now I will tidy up the site and map out the paths and beds.  I will be able to reuse the pavers and bricks too.  I think this is going to be my favourite project for a while.


  1. Radical!!!I see why you're doing it, the improvement will be marvellous!

  2. Very interesting. I will be watching to see how it turns out.

  3. A fantastic idea! Looking forward to the next series of photos of your new pottager garden.

  4. I share your views on hedging, Hazel -- lots of work for little return. and you can't eat Box anyway. Your site looks ideal for a "herb wheel", with triangular beds radiating out from some tall central feature like a sundial, or a standard Bay tree...

  5. Oh Hazel I just noticed the chooks!

  6. This will make a beautiful potager - and at least the hedges are already done for you! I can't wait to see this develop.


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