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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Macramé in the veggie patch

Having planted the tomatoes I decided they needed something to grow against.  I have used this 'macramé method' before but never so extensively.

That's because I haven't planted more than four tomatoes before but there are 20 this year.

The black and blue structure (or is that stricture) is on one side of the path and the red on the other.  The black is a ball of stretchy plant tie I had left from when I was quite happy to buy things. 

However the red tie is actually made from an old wind-cheater of mine.  I cut off the band at the bottom then made one continual spiral cut up to the arm holes. The 'twine' is about 2 cm/1 in wide and it made a long length which I was able to roll into a ball bigger than my fist.

It is quite taut and springs back when pulled.  You can see from the picture below that it is a 3 dimensional sculpture. The tomatoes will grow up through it.  It supports but does not cut the vines.

Really it is quite a lazy method.  Imagine me wandering my vegetable realm in the mornings, maybe with a cup of tea, telling the tomatoes they are doing a great job and training them by poking bits of them here and there.  I won't have to run off and get something to tie them up with, find the scissors or worry about extra stakes etc.

Now that, apart from eating their fruit, is my version of bliss!


  1. Genius!
    Another method you might be interested in for another year is the sheet of reinforcer used in concrete footings.Suspend two pieces horizontally on firm stakes, the toms will grow up through the mesh and be self-supporting not needing ties!
    Good luck with the crop!

  2. Seems like a fab idea; love the creative thinking! I really like the look of it too and was thinking (as I was reading) if I could do something similar in my garden. Enjoying your blog.

  3. Beautiful macrame sculpture! Look forward to seeing the progress.
    Last year I bought a roll of stretchy tie and have been able to re use it this year but I will copy your idea and cut up one of my old tops (one that co-ordinates with my tomatoes of course)

  4. Gardeners are great improvisers aren't they! Your idea certainly fulfills your desire to "Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-purpose". Will your macrame not make it difficult to get at the fruit though?

  5. i think the tom's will love growing up your supports much more intersting than just canes

  6. hi hazel, Just came across your blogg and very interesting indeed. the one question i would like to ask you is, how do you manage for water in the summer. If i could i would send some of the water we have here in south wales uk as we have tons of it.


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