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Friday, November 12, 2010

A final word about Spring

I know officially it has about 3 weeks left, but I think Spring is having its last hurrah.  
Anyway, this blogger is writing her last post about spring.

The ewes on the farm over the creek have stopped their mournful bleating 
for their lambs taken to market last week.

My tomatoes are in the ground.

The final rhododendron has bloomed.

The banksia rose already looks like the dried bouquet of a bride long gone.
Maybe she is divorced already.

The short season of the crab apple is already fading...

her petals falling like snow in the breeze,
laying on the ground around her trunk in drifts.

Those two roses I hacked during winter are rewarding my efforts with lots buds and a couple of blooms which will keep coming well into Summer.

I have so enjoyed my first Spring in this garden and the surprises it provided, 
but it is time to move on.

Do you want to know why I am so sure summer is close?

Because as I write this, there is an enormous blowfly 
alternately dive bombing my head 
and throwing itself against the windows.

Summer in Australia,
Gotta love it!


  1. Beaudy!!Round my way it's the flies, the mosquitoes, the fading of the daisies and the browning of the grass.We also had our first warm one sheet night last night.

  2. We (in KwaZulu Natal) thought summer had arrived and the next thing we had rain and snow on the distant mountains. Once the cold spell is over we expect Summer to arrive in full force. The flies are back!

    Your garden must be stunning, Hazel. The banksia roses are particularly beautiful even as they dry.

  3. Hazel, you're sounding a bit melancholy today! How can you be sad when you have such wonderful roses in your garden? They are truly objects of great beauty.
    I haven't got any blowflies bothering me just now, just a few fruit-flies from the compost bins.

  4. Those roses are wonderful Hazel. Starting to warm up here too. I may be weird but even with the flies, mozzies and heat I love Summer.

  5. Beaudy!! To you too Von. Thanks for your regular comments. I look forward to them.

    Art Propelled: I am excited you visited...I love your site. I think I liked the drying banksia roses almost as much as the full blooms. That's why I included them. :-)

    Mark: I am not melancholy...just an old cynic.

    And Missy: You cutie! what a dog!

  6. Hi Hazel

    Love the photos of your roses, surprisingly here in the UK with Autumn coming to an end I still have roses blooming in the garden, though after the last two nights of heavy frost not sure they'll last much longer.


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