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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buzzing Crab Apple

I am so fortunate to have not one gorgeous flowering crab apple tree...but five down the drive.  They have been threatening to burst into blossom for about a fortnight and have been flaunting pink buds shaped like balls about 1 - 1.5 cm across.   Now they are fully out and I am awed by their, OVERawed.  I can not stop admiring them.

Another blogger, Catmint,  wrote about our preference for looking at a garden rather than 'hearing' it.  This is very true of the crab apples.  As you walk down the drive and get to each tree the buzzing of the hundreds (at least) of bees becomes quite loud.  The noise level drops between each tree and then returns as you reach the next.  I reckon that if you ran down the drive with your eyes closed it would sound like a Formula 1 race. Vrrroooom.....vroooom....vroooom...vrooom...vrooom.  But I am not about to try it, so don't ask.

 I could go on to apologize for the large number of photos in this post...but I just could not pick favourites.

Buzy, buzy, buzy!

Of course, lots of blossom and lots of bees mean lots of crab apples.  My second post on this blog was about crab apple jelly.  I can feel an abundance of jelly coming on already

The branches are gorgeous too and every one is laden with blossom.

I can't resist a photo against a beautiful sky.

I love this one with the sun shining through.


  1. Don't you apologize for those beautiful photos! Each one of them is sublime! I wish I had a driveway like yours that I could frame with beautiful crabapples!

  2. Hazel, in comparison with this, my one little tree pales into insignificance! I never get that many bees visiting mine either. The one saving grace is that my tree has much darker flowers -- pink rather than white. Do you make crab apple jeely with your fruit?

  3. Ah!Crab apple jelly, now you're talking!!

  4. Wow I am amazed. The flower are very beautiful. It will be such a pleasure to drive into your driveway. I can't wait to see how many fruits the plants will bear when so many pollinators busy buzzing around them.

  5. The last photo is a pearler. Can't wait to try your Crab Apple Jelly. V.

  6. Hazel, the crab apple jelly you made last year was fantastic - I can only imagine what this years crop will be like!


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