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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More about Spring

I haven't lived here for a whole year yet so I am still excited to see what each season brings.

In autumn I found myself apologising about the number of foliage photos I was posting.  At that time, I didn't think the garden could be any more beautiful than when wearing its autumn tones.  

Then in Winter it put on another show with those thirteen camellias that flowered in a sequence, spreading the joy.  Some of these are still in flower and dropping their petals decoratively at their feet.

Of course in early spring I was overjoyed to see the bulbs appearing.  But now, half way through Spring,  I am overwhelmed by the garden's superfluous reaction to waking from Winterl. Well, maybe it is my own gushing enthusiasm that I am apologising for, because no-one could really criticize the garden's enthusiasm for the longer days and warmer temperatures.

Today I would like to share a mass of pink daisies...

a mass of white daisies...

a promise of good things to come with the buds of the banksia rose ( how neat and perfect they are)...

blue bells tucked behind the lavender...

maple flowers (I didn't even imagine they had flowers)

and finally, fragrantly, a little chewed lily of the valley.


  1. Did you know that Lily of the Valley is very toxic?

  2. Did you know that Lily of the Valley is very toxic?


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