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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arum Lily

The arum lily is a common garden inhabitant which originated in South America and was introduced to Australia in the 1850s.

Often called the 'Death Lily' parts of the flower and seeds can cause death if ingested by humans or stock.  When I was a child, before I knew this fact, I would break off the yellow part and pretend to 'smoke' it.  


I love the structure of these lilies.  They are so elegant.

What we consider to be the flower, isn't actually.  The outer white part that swirls so gracefully is a bract or sheath.  The yellow axis or spadix is a group of flowers.  The male flowers are at the top and the female flowers below.

The plant is considered a pest in most parts of Australia as it can harm stock and its dense habit and spreading clumps crowd out other flora.  In or near waterways it can flourish and its effect is greater.

But, one clump in a garden is still a beautiful thing.

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