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Friday, October 15, 2010


You know that little fairy egg I blogged about yesterday?  It is just the next post, so scroll down if you didn't see it already.  Well, I crocheted a little egg cup for it.  

I found a chrome flange on the side of the road when I went for that picnic the other day.  I picked it up because I thought I could crochet it onto a rock or something.  It made the perfect little base for this.

And on the subject of smallness,  here are some gorgeous little violets that have popped up next to a brick. 


  1. Apparently knitting or crocheting over things is the rage these days. On recent travels I saw jumpers knitted for salmon (they were wooden salmon)! Each jumper/salmon had their own name depending on the pattern.

  2. I must admit the crochet egg cup does look very cute. I had a look at the various blogs displaying examples of crochet activities and I particularly liked the graffiti crochet fence garden. I also liked the different species of crochet creatures.

  3. Your egg cup looks great! It's funny - I had the urge to crochet egg cozies a couple of weeks ago. I made 2 and they turned out well so I might make more for christmas presents.
    I just wish I had chooks to lay eggs for them!


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