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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does size matter?

I wanted to boast about this stupendous egg from one of the Isa Browns.  They don't lay many because the poor girls are menopausal. However, when they do produce they lay goodies.  This is the biggest we have had and as you can see it weighed in at 80 grams. 

But then today when I collected the eggs, I got this one.  
It is from a Leghorn (they all lay white eggs) and looks OK doesn't it?

Now take another look at the same egg posing with a couple of others.  It is teensy, weighing in at only 15 grams!  The brown egg is the one featured above and the other white one, at 63 grams, is what we usually expect from Henny, Jenny or Penny. 
Aww, isn't that cute!

Apparently chooks sometimes lay these 'fairy' or 'witch' eggs.  It can be due to a disturbance to their reproductive cycle or because they are young.  It did not have a yolk and that means that the hen did not ovulate but her body still made an egg.  
A bit like a phantom pregnancy!

My Pet Chicken is a great site where you can find answers to all your fowl questions.

I blew the egg and am thinking of what to do with it the shell.  
I might crochet it a cover.

Do you know how to blow eggs?

Just make a hole in each end of the egg with a sewing needle.  Chip away at one of these with the needle to make it about four times larger than the first piercing.  Then, holding the egg over a bowl, and with your lips on the egg shell, blow firmly but gently through the small hole.  The contents of the egg should squeeze out through the hole in the bottom and you are left with the shell.  


  1. Remember to wash the egg first, we all know how it came out of the chook. Yeah!

  2. When we were kids we used to blow eggs and then use the shell as a mould to make chocolate easter eggs.(Probably was before plastic was invented haha)

  3. Just what we all need.....crochet egg covers!


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