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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A big surprise was waiting for me today when, for the first time in a couple of days, I checked the seeds I had planted.  There has been a good germination rate with beans, zucchinis, peas, basil and ball cabbages all popping their heads up.  The corn hasn't made an appearance but I prefer to plant this directly in the garden anyway.  The tomatoes (a mixed pack of heirloom varieties) only produced four tiny plants.  I will nurture these and wait because more may come up.

Overall the experiment to put the seeds on the shelves behind the shed with a plastic box over the top to make a mini greenhouse has been very successful.

I will watch these now and, depending on the weather,  either transplant them into the garden or pot them on when they have a second lot of leaves.  The weather will be warm enough soon to plant more seeds directly in the garden.  I will also plant some more in seed trays as back up in case there is a late frost and also to give away.

I also want to plant some flower seeds.  Propagation from seeds is much cheaper than buying seedlings.

Today I planted two full packets of tomatoes.  The ones on the left are Grosse Lisse (a favourite of my dad's) and a heritage variety called Mortgage Buster (AKA Mortgage Lifter).

Digger’s Heirloom Tomato Mortgage Lifter 

This tomato has an interesting history. Radiator Charlie produced this tomato in the 30’s during depression time and the quick sales of this popular tomato successfully paid his mortgage in record time. Growing a Tomato with an inspirational story undoubtedly would be uplifting to many. Tomato Mortgage Lifter is a good flavoured pink/red beefsteak variety, with a mid to late season.

Sounds like a good one to me!
I have planted enough to share.


  1. Are your Mortgage Lifter/Mortgage Buster tomato plants to be shared with all or only those who have a Mortgage? Perhaps the name suggests that the plants should be sold!

  2. Hi Hazel

    Thanks for leaving a comment oon my blog. Nice to meet you!

    I tried my hand at seed propagation a few months ago and just didn't have much luck. I only had about a quarter of the seed varieties pop up.

    I put the seed box on the hot water system at night to give it some heat and get the water up to it but still much result.

    Do you have any secrets?


  3. No secrets really. I use seed raising mix. I overseed (you can always pull out the ones that are too close or transplant them). I make the soil damp, not wet. I cover the soil with a bit of damp towel that I keep wet. You have to watch carefully and take of the towel once they have started to poke their heads up.

    This time I put them under a box upside down (see post), outside where they would get morning and early afternoon sun. Moisture builds up in the box and keeps it all humid. When I lift the box it is noticeably warmer in there. I put plastic underneath to stop cold drafts.

    I also tried some tomatoes inside with a towel but without box and they germinated too (well a couple of them did) in the same time as the outside ones.

    Sorry for so much rambling. Hope it helps.

  4. Oh, and always check the 'use by' date on your seeds. Fresh is best. I am going to have a go at collecting my own once I get going properly.

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