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Monday, September 13, 2010

Traditional skills

I am one of those lucky baby boomers who learned a lot of traditional 'women's' skills at the sides of my mum and sisters.  Being the youngest of four girls, with large age gaps in between, was a blessing in this regard.  At every stage in my growing up there was someone cooking, sewing, knitting etc.

In the 1970s when my children were small and money was short these skills were put to good use.  I made overalls, dresses, jumpers, cardigans and more.  I could complete a small jumper in about 5 nights in front of the TV and sewed small garments using remnants and left over bits and pieces from a couple of my more prolific sewing sisters.

Like so many others, I became busy with a career and only knitted occasionally and didn't sew at all.  Now that I have retired and decided to change the way I live I am so glad that I have these skills.  Almost as important, my experience and existing skills mean I am confident in my ability to tackle new projects that I may not have done before.  For instance, I have never quilted, machine embroidered, or smocked but I am ready to have a go.

One of my lovely brothers in law recently gave me these books which are full of ideas and simple instructions for a wide range of crafts.  I have been enjoying dipping into them and can't wait to start on a few new projects.

I am also very excited to be heading off to the Melbourne Agricultural Show next week.  I want to see all the animals, especially the chooks, and the craft (of course)!


  1. I'm also going to the Show this year after many years of disinterest. This time I won't have to decide which showbag to buy - I won't be buying any. Same with the rides - no time wasted lining up for the Mad Mouse this year.

  2. I'd like to go and see the produce - the preserves and jams and cakes....I wonder if there is a category for whiskey soaked raisins and orange chocolate cakes??

  3. I think it was I that taught you to knit! Actually, I taught my eight year old grand daughter to knit today - she was very pleased with herself!

  4. Cookie, I am the judge for the "Whiskey soaked raisins and orange chocolate cake"


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