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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rock Art and a question for you

I have to admit this isn't an original idea...I saw it on a blog but thought it looked like fun and I gave it a go.  

There is something really pleasant about handling these rocks with the juxtaposition of the cotton and the hard rock and the way the crochet moves slightly over the smoothness of the cold rocky surface.  

The oval one with the hole is particularly good to fits in the hand comfortably and you can run your thumb over the smooth surface of the stone showing through the hole.  It is a bit meditative.

I just used some stones I had been using as mulch on pot plants in my previous life.  In the summer I will be looking in the creek for friendly and interesting stones.

And the question:

I planted my broad beans early, they are as tall as me and have been flowering prolifically for a few weeks.  When can I expect them to set beans?

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  1. Hazel, you rock!

    Your broad beans will set very quickly and begin to ripen from the base of the plant up. I love the newly set beans quickly cooked in the wok! The young growth tips are edible and very tender when wok cooked or lightly steamed.
    Later on you can shell the beans and if you haven't eaten your large crop you can dry the beans. Usually you can expect a crop up to the beginning of November.
    The broad bean is the most ancient of beans dating back to the Bronze Age. Enjoy!


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