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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Help! I am under attack!

There is an incredible invasion of ants in the kitchen. The picture doesn't do the numbers justice as they are widely spread...up the wall, on the floor, on all the benches, in the sink, in the pantry, and even queueing up to get into the lounge.  They have probably been washed out with all the rain.

This is my dilemma...  In the past I would have sprayed them with an extra burst of surface spray at their point of entry.   Now I don't want to use spray - well in truth, I do want to use it - desperately want to use it!   However, I don't have any and have sworn not to have any in the house...all part of my 'new more thoughtful life'.

What should I do?


  1. I think there was some chat about this on the DTE forum Hazel, I see you joined recently.
    Try searching for ants in the search box at the forum and see if anything turns up.

  2. I had a look for you this seems to be the most helpful one.!&highlight=ants

  3. Thanks Tammy. I actually checked DTE and I have washed the pantry and the bench next to it with a strong solution of water and vinegar. It detered them for a little while but I just checked and they are back. They are still everywhere else too.


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