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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wintry weather.

What a wonderfully wet and wintry period we are having. Although it was very windy here overnight, luckily we suffered no damage although apparently there were some trees down on the main road. There has been enough rain to make the ground soggy, leave puddles and make mud. We haven't seen a lot of that in recent years.

This is an old view from the top of the creek bank at the back of the block. The King Parrot Creek is spring filled and hasn't dried out even through the recent dry seasons. It usually flows clearly over a bed of rounded river stones.

Today, fed by the rains, the creek is a swollen, raging, brown gusher, rushing off to the Goulburn River. The flattened grass, between 40 and 50 cms above the current water levels, indicates that it has been even higher.
This photo was taken from lower down the bank. It gives a good idea of how swollen the stream is.

This is the pool where I saw a platypus last Summer and it's the local swimming hole. It doesn't look at all welcoming now for either humans or monotremes. I hope the platypus has a nice dry burrow.

Did you notice the wombat burrow in the bank right in the middle of the photo. This is a newly excavated home...I am hoping its inhabitant hasn't picked a spot too damp!

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  1. If the platypus and wombats survived the bushfires I am sure they will survive the swollen creek.


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