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Monday, August 9, 2010

Vale Lucy

Poor Lucy, the cochin hen who was destined to be our 'little mother' and hatch the chicks met an untimely end today.

For several days she has had a sore bottom. At first I thought she may have been egg bound but when I examined her the swelling was soft, fluid filled and hot. I checked on the net and I think she may have had peritonitis. This can occur when the hen ovulates but the ovum does not proceed down the oviduct but enters the abdominal cavity. In a human, this would just be absorbed by the body but in a hen, the ovum develops into a yolk and causes problems.

She has seemed quite normal and had been eating, foraging and staying with the flock so I just kept a watch on her. There were horrible treatments outlined on the internet that involved placing a catheter through the abdominal wall to drain the fluid but I hoped nature would take care of her... but no such luck.

Unfortunately today, the swelling ruptured and she was in obvious pain. So I had to euthanize her. I went the way of the chopping block and axe and although difficult it was far less distressing than I imagined.

She went to her end quietly and we have buried her under the violets where she liked to forage.


  1. Oh no! Who would be a farmer?
    You are so brave Hazel and you will miss her foraging in your garden.

  2. Thankyou for your kind thoughts. Now I have to keep the dog from foraging in the violets! I had to put a big log on her grave.


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