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Friday, May 7, 2010


I have been wondering when the chooks would begin to lay. I am wondering no longer because I found a clutch of eggs under a bush today. My initial excitement quickly subsided when I realised they were rotten. There followed an extensive, methodical search of the garden seeking fresher googies (in fact about three thorough searches)...all to no avail.

Now here is the puzzle: These eggs must belong to my hens because I weeded that garden, on my hands and knees, before the chooks arrived and there were no eggs then. There aren't any other fowls around either. Why are there no more eggs? I also thought that pullets began laying with small eggs and these were full size.

I do not know the solution to this conundrum but have taken steps to make sure I get any other eggs which may be forthcoming. Firstly, I have spoken sternly to the hens. They seemed to take it well. Secondly, I upgraded the nesting boxes in the hen house and put in eggs to educate them about where to lay. Thirdly, nobody gets out unsupervised until they begin to lay in the shed.

Did you know you can test whether an egg is rotten by placing it in water? If it sinks it is ok to eat. If it floats it means that the nasty gases have built up inside and it is rotten.
Beats breaking them and testing with your nose!


  1. It just doesn't make sense - pullets always lay smaller eggs.
    Did you wear your glasses when you weeded the garden?
    Do snakes lay eggs?

  2. Some snakes lay eggs and some give live birth. But their eggs are rubbery. But you are is a puzzle.

  3. I think the most likely scenario is that the eggs belonged to the previous chickens that lived here. I didn't see the eggs when I weeded because they were covered by mulch. My chooks have probably unearthed them as they have been scratching about. They were too big and too old and rotten to belong to the current hens. Still it did prod me into making better nest boxes in the shed. Bruce and the girls are out free ranging again.

  4. I hope you apologised to the girls after you spoke to them sternly! Perhaps you can give them a treat on Mothers Day! Might encourage them.


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