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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winter Wednesday #13

I have a confession to make.
I have always loathed Winter.
It's not so much the cold 
as the lack of light.

Having to find positive things
to share with you lot ever Wednesday,
has made me appreciate the season more
and even made it seem shorter.

My last winter offering to you are
the fairy gardens of moss, lichen
and little carnivorous plants
that love the damp forest floor.

I hope lots of bloggers join write about the joys of last time today and there a lots of links.
Thanks again for coming to play with me each Wednesday and for making Winter bearable this year.
Yay!  Almost Spring!


  1. Some nice spots of green there in winter. In winter our farm turns a barren brown and the darkness is always a bit of a downer.

  2. Lovely photos Hazel. Thanks for the theme, have enjoyed following it and joining in. I've posted on mine - didn't realise it would be the last one though! cheers Wendy

  3. Great photos!! Good-bye Winter hello Spring,thanks for making this Winter a lot more fun!!I do wonder what you will be up to next.My last Winter Post

  4. Great work Hazel! You pulled me through this winter. I'm glad you liked my post! Garden memories are special things...

  5. Fantastic! Ah seems so far away for us. You say spring and I say fall:)

  6. It dose look like fairys live there, nice photos hazel.
    Link up yo my winter Wednesday:

  7. I love the 3rd photo with the toadstool - mushrroom - fairy chair... beautiful. I have a winter wednesday offering at:

  8. Thanks for helping me get through this winter and reminding me that there are good things about the season... but yay it's coming to an end!

  9. Oh is this the last one, I thought there was one more. Either way it's already feeling like a new season has begun. Here's my thoughts, or rather lack there of, for this week.

  10. Did I make it? Is it still Wednesday?
    The ground here has already started to dry out, and I noticed yesterday that the mossy growth around the water tank is starting to turn from green to brown. We didn't have any mushrooms or toadies come up this winter - I guess it just wasn't wet enough.
    I'm saying farewell to winter with a beautiful spring day:

  11. Great pictures Hazel. Thanks for getting us all through winter with an occasional smile -- at least on Wednesdays.

  12. Hey! There's one more...isn't there?? Because I didn't get a chance this week, work whipping my butt!! I was thinking 'don't worry Mrs Bok you still have one more to go!'

    But if this is the last one (booooooo) thank you for encouraging us to find the fun in winter.

  13. I am late but not too late for the last post for winter wednesday eh.
    My link

    Your polynathus so bright and cheerful!

  14. Wonderful photos. Thanks for Winter Wednesdays.

  15. Hazel, isn't next wednesday the 31st? Peaking early?

    Anyway, this wedneday seemed to roll around awfully quickly since the last one, but that's a good thing!

  16. You guys may be looking forward to spring, but I'm warning you that up here in California we're hanging onto summer as long as we can. It's dry and it's hot, but right now it's ours and you're just gonna have to wait a while longer. Sorry.


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